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We welcome your sponsorship by advertising your business or event on, the most respected and most highly regarded international dressage news website in the world.

Banner or Video Advertising:
Advertising starts as low as $250 per month with a banner ad in the dimensions of 290 pxls x 240 pxls or you can also have a 30 second video commercial ad instead of a banner for a very affordable rate (much cheaper than any magazine ad that never gets noticed).

For as low as $ 250 per month, your banner ad will be placed not only on World Dressage News, but also on and  It will be viewed by over 16,000 potential clients each week in our newsletters. We also provide the service of designing a banner for you at no charge if you commit to a 6 or 12 month program. We also provide the service of producing a 30 second video commercial for you at truly affordable rates. Talk to us, we are here to make things quick and easy for you.:


Below and in the image on the left, you will see the traditional cost for each position of the banner.

1st Position being the highest and most visible which is next to the headline story and following to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th position. The cost of the banner diminishes as the position lowers as per the example to the left. Contact us!

Payments are payable by Credit Card or it is possible by check payable upon receipt of our invoice.
All Billings are in U.S. dollars.


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