Amber Gipp…. A Cinderella story

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For everyone who thinks hard work and vision might not be enough!

Amber Gipp came to KYB Dressage over two years ago, as a want to be working student with nothing but work ethic and a dream.  She had all the desire in the world but no opportunities.  She deserved them they just had not come about.  She had applied to the KYB Dressage working student program and then hoped for the best. purchase discount medication! buy dapoxetine online doxycycline gluten free doxycycline for acne course doxycycline without prescription pharmacy . top offering, dapoxetine order china scam.
Yvonne  Barteau hired her just before she left for Florida leaving her at the Chicago based Grand Prix Equestrian with Husband Kim, daughters Jessica and Hudi and a ton of chores and learning to do.
The calls reached Yvonne in Florida before she returned that Amber might be one of the “pearls” that all trainers search for to bring their work on to the next generation.  She was a hard worker, a quick study, and the horses liked her.  When Yvonne returned from her trip south she noticed the same.  Amber was a keeper.
The next winter Amber had earned the right to accompany Yvonne south for winter training as the head groom but there was more.

When Yvonne asked Amber what her goals for the season might be she did not know how to answer.  All those riding lessons and you do not know where they might lead?  Yvonne joked.
She told Amber to aim high and that she would help her.  What about trying for her bronze and silver medals, riding the sales horses while they were in Florida for the three month season. It could be done!  Yvonne outlined a plan and they set to work.  There were a few rules.  There would be no test reading, all the tests would be ridden from memory.  Two first levels, two second levels, two third levels, two fourth levels and two PSG tests.
When Yvonne thought she was ready to earn the scores she would sponsor the show fees and so it went.  Amber earned the scores for her bronze and Silver medals in Florida that season.  But there is more.  KYB also has a theater side and Amber became a  feature performer, wardrobe designer and clinic rider all that same year as well as winning an Open Regional Championship aboard her favorite mount Raymond.
Amber continues to excel with her eyes on the professional rankings.  This year she has been promoted to assistant trainer at KYB and has both an FEI four year old prospect and two Developing PSG horses to campaign.  Aragorn owned by Jackie Pisani and Raymond owned by Jane Bohren are both ready to hit the qualifiers this season. The four year old is a very promising Lingh stallion out of a Coctail mare owned by KYB and GPE.
So…..young aspiring riders who think money is the way to success….think again.
Hard work, the right attitude and a certain amount of time can still get you right where you want to be!

Ambers nov 1, 2014 – baclofen usa buy medicine. baclofen 20 mg cost. buy baclofen in ireland. baclofen 20 mg price. baclofen cost walmart . baclofen generic price story is a nice reminder that good luck often finds those who work the hardest.

Written by: cialis generic danger generic cialis wholesale price can you buy cialis otc buy  Yvonne Barteau

Photo Credit:  Fire and Earth


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