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Andreas Stano Photo Credit: Susan J. Stickle

Andreas Stano
Photo Credit: Susan J. Stickle

Andreas Stano,
Job title: Executive director,,
Vancouver, BC

What I do:
We have an information-technology (IT) team, a full-time staf taking care of the videos, and customer-care service e-mailing our members to answer questions. We check on show schedules and make sure our in-house videographers have a busy schedule.

How I got started:
Prior to the equestrian industry, I was in the live-entertainment world and in book publishing
prior to that. In 2002, an IT developer and I were building a website for the classical-music industry when we heard hat streaming-video technology had come about on a commercial level.

Best thing about my job:
A member writing or calling to tell us how much they value and
how beneficial it is to them.

Worst thing about my job:
Having to travel to small towns and villages in Holland and Germany for filming,
when I arrive at night and there is no one in sight. I have to wake up the hotel owner to come down in his pajamas to unlock the room, and then the room is very cold because the heat
isn’t on. That is hard.

My horses:
I don’t have my own horses any more. I ride for ClockTower Farm, a warmblood dressage breeder in British Columbia. In the 1970s and ’80s, I did jumpers.

People tell us that they watch a training video in the morning, and this sets them up to ride better. Pony Club does cookie parties with a featured video from DressageClinic. com as the event of the night.

Written by Katherine Walcott

Article is copyrighted by the United States Dressage Federation and used by permission


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