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June 11, 2015 11:26


Current and future stars of dressage travelled from all over the country to Hampshire for Wellington Riding’s annual premier league competition (4 – 7 Jun 2015).

25-year-old Alice Oppenheimer and Georgina Pole-Carew’s eight year old Sir Donnerhall-sired gelding, Tantoni Sir Soccrates dominated proceedings in the Saracen Horse Feeds inter I. Scoring a personal best of 72.01% in their first inter I on British soil, Alice and Socs – as her partner is known at home – shot to the top, overtaking the experienced combination Matt Frost and AMD Don Rosso who took second (70.92%) and rising stars, Michael Eilberg and Der Designer in third (70.17%).

The dynamic duo also claimed the second Fairfax Saddles PSG of the competition with a huge 73.37%, gaining their second direct qualification ticket to the LeMieux National Dressage Championship (Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I and Fairfax Saddles PSG Championships).

Speaking from her Facebook, Alice exclaimed, “Had another fab day at Wellington today. Superstar Mr Socs was an absolute legend yet again winning a massive PSG class with over 73% completing his qualification directly for the Nationals.”

Pippa Hutton proved to be the only rider who could put a stop to Alice’s winning streak. Riding her own, Pammy Hutton and Philip Woof’s 13-year-old Dimaggio mare, Duela, Pippa danced her way to the top to take the Magic PSG freestyle class with a whopping 77.33%, the highest score of dapoxetine 60mg price bcs of dapoxetine where to buy priligy pills canada prix cheap dapoxetine dapoxetine mouth dissolving tablets priligy acheter madrid  the weekend. Alice and Socs settled in second with an equally impressive 74.54%.

Olympian, Laura Tomlinson also had a successful competition at the Hampshire-based venue, winning two classes over the course of the week. Debuting her father’s seven-year-old Lord Leatherdale mare, Dolcevendy online meds rx deltasone, deltasone without prescription us pharmacy , deltasone online pharmacies worldwide delivery, prednisone 40 mg purchase canada ,  in the Equine Construction advanced medium, Laura’s vast experience settled any potential nerves from the mare to score 71.97% and claim the top spot. Her second win also came from a new ride, her own and Dr. Bechtolsheimer’s eight-year-old Rhodium-sired stallion, Duvals Capri Sonne Jr (pictured), scoring 74.25% in their first ever inter I together – also gaining a direct qualification ticket through to the Nationals.

The competition’s third and final Saracen Horse Feeds Inter I Championship direct qualification ticket was won by 22-year-old Olivia Oakeley riding Anne Keen’s ten-year-old German-bred gelding, Don Carissimo. After coming third in the Fairfax Saddles PSG with 68.02% (won by Richard Barrett with Walid 4, 69.91%) the pair upped their game and, in just their second ever inter I together, scored a strong 69.12% to take first place.

International riders, Bobby Hayer and Hayley Watson-Greaves ruled the big tour classes. It was Bobby Hayler with Paul Hayler’s 13-year-old British-bred stallion, Aldborough Rubenhall who topped the LeMieux grand prix with 68.30% – just two marks ahead of Hayley Watson-Greaves and her own 11-year-old Rubin Royal-sired gelding, WG Rubins Nite (68.13%).The grand prix special saw the tables turn as Hayley and Squeaks – as WG Rubins Nite is known by his friends – buy estrace tablets , cephalexin uk; nizoral shampoo. trusted online sites for viagra! topped the class with a personal best of 69.15%, whilst Bobby landed into second with 68.00%.

Lara Kuropatwa tamed the feisty Le Chiffre, Samantha Brown’s eight-year-old stallion by Caesar 171, to score a personal best of 73.26% in the pony team test to top the tables – a massive eight per cent above second placed zyban 150 mg price zyban without prescription Gemma Owen and Der Kleine Lord (65.89%).

Finally, despite being dive-bombed by a suicidal pigeon, Sarah Millis and her ride, Selene Scarsi’s German-bred chestnut best prices for all customers! zoloft generic cost walmart . official drugstore, buy zoloft sertraline lustral online. gelding by Belissimo M, Bodleian coolly claimed the Shearwater 5YO potential international dressage horse class, scoring 7.92.

For full results, click here.


Class 1: Hickstead 5YO National British Young Dressage Horse

1st – Sarah Williams with Hingsight, 7.58

Class 2: Hickstead 6YO National British Young Dressage Horse

1st – Marie Matthews with Beltano, 7.78

Class 3: TopSpec medium


1st – Matt Frost with Leandro, 72.79%


1st – Angela Gladding with Parisienne Jupiter, 64.11%

Class 4: Fairfax Saddles PSG

1st – Georgie Brittan with Diamant, 69.38%

Class 5: Saracen Horse Feeds inter I

1st – Alice Oppenheimer with Tantoni Sir Soccrates, 72.01%

Class 6: Shearwater Potential International Dressage Horse 4YO

1st – Bryony Goodwin with Hawtins Soave, 7.94

Class 7: Shearwater Potential International Dressage Horse 5YO

1st – Sarah Millis with Bodleian, 7.92

Class 8: TopSpec medium

1st – Matt Frost with Leandro, 73.24%

Class 9: Hickstead 5YO International British Young Dressage Horse

1st – Paul Hayler with F J Veyron, 7.68

Class 10: Hickstead 6YO International British Young Dressage Horse

1st – Kate Rowland with Erasmus I, 8.04


Class 11: Equine Construction advanced medium


1st – Laura Tomlinson with Dolcevendy O, 71.97%


1st – Julia Walker with Rhodea, 68.81%

Class 12: Fairfax Saddles PSG

1st – Alice Oppenheimer with Tantoni Sir Soccrates, 73.37%

Class 13: Monarch inter II

1st – Bobby Hayler with Aldborough Rubenhall, 68.68%

Class 14: Equine Construction advanced medium


1st – Sonnar Murray-Brown with Erlentanz, 73.02%


1st – Sadie Smith with Keystone Dynamite, 74.32%

Class 15: Nupafeed advanced medium freestyle

1st – Sam Rahmatalia with Seagry Rohsan, 76.00%

Class 16: Saracen Horse Feeds inter I

1st – Laura Tomlinson with Duvals Capri Sonne Jr, 74.25%

Class 17: LeMieux grand prix

1st – Bobby Hayler with Aldborough Rubenhall, 68.30%

Class 18: Magic PSG freestyle

1st – Pippa Hutton with Duela, 77.33%

Class 19: Young rider team test

1st – Gaby Lucas with Salo, 69.01%

Class 20: Junior team test

1st – Rose Hugh-Smith with Florentino, 68.44%

Class 21: Pony team test

1st – Lara Kuropatwa with Le Chiffre, 73.26%

Class 22: Grand prix special

1st – Hayley Watson-Greaves with WG Rubins Nite, 69.15%

Class 23: Fairfax Saddles PSG

1st – Richard Barrett with Walid 4, 69.91%

Class 24: Saracen Horse Feeds inter I

1st – Olivia Oakeley with Don Carissimo, 69.12%



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