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Calvin Smith is a truck driver by trade. He was introduced to the BALIMO chair in a warehouse out of which he operated his trucking company.  He became involved by happenstance. Cal started sitting on a BALIMO chair and began to feel significant improvements in his back, mobility and comfort level for driving long distances. He was so impressed with the benefits the BALIMO chair had on his physical functioning, he decided to “go for it” and bought BALIMO Chairs, Inc.

Cal stated: “I like to say this is a very simple chair for a very complicated body, and there are no gimmicks to the magic the BALIMO can do for your body.  I sit on the chair at my desk, the dinner table and take one with me when I have to drive.  I drive at least 100,000 miles a year between doing shows and driving 18-wheelers.”

Eckart Meyners, being a movement expert and having worked with the German National Equestrian team for over 30 years is always looking for a better way to help riders train. According to Cal, “as it was told to me by Jeurgen Billich, who is an engineer and Eckart’s bother-in-law, made a prototype of the BALIMO chair. When Eckart saw the chair he knew instantly that this was something he had been looking for to enhance the training of the rider. The rest we can say is history.”

BALIMO (Balance in Motion) recognizes that the horse mirrors the rider in its movements.   Communication with the horse is improved by reducing tension and points of blockage in the rider.  BALIMO training uses specifically selected exercises (mounted, unmounted & BALIMO chair) to improve the mobility of the rider’s pelvis and spine, teaching the riders’ seat to follow the 3D movements of the horse.

According to Cal, the BALIMO chair can help almost anyone who is not wheelchair bound, from babies learning to stand to the elderly.   “When my 84 year old Dad and I played golf, it took him at least three steps to get his feet under him.”

Cal recounted that after some resistance, his father finally started sitting on the BALIMO chair for a few minutes each day. It did not take long for him to start seeing improvement. What the chair did was awaken mobility nerves that had gone dormant zoloft 100mg buy online which generic zoloft is best cheap Sertraline and re-energized them.

“For myself, I have an L5 disk issue, was lacking flexibility and had pain down my leg.  From using the BALIMO chair at my desk and at the dinner table, I no longer have pain. My improved flexibility even surprised my doctor.”

What the BALIMO chair can do for you, the equestrian is amazing. You can use this chair while sitting in front of a mirror. You can mimic what you do in the saddle and work out postural issues. While doing so you are working baclofen online canada no prescription discounts baclofen order free viagra sample pills canadian pharmacy best prices buy baclofen online cheapest  on core strength as well as strengthening the entire spine.  When sitting on the BALIMO, even though the seat is round, you get the same feel as being in the saddle.  The seat has a slight dome and is firm. Like a well-fitted saddle, the BALIMO chair forces you to sit on your seat bones. This position allows you to engage in movements, work out issues in front of a mirror and transfer that learning to the next time you are on the horse.

The genius of the BALIMO is in the seat. The rest of the chair is a very elegant five-legged stool that is hand crafted and built to support up to 500 lbs. Because of its five-legged design, it is almost impossible to tip over. The limit plate allows the seat to tilt to a 20-degree depth. This is the point at which you get the maximum return for your effort, yet are still safe.

The reason the BALIMO chair works so well, is the seat.  The seat has a ball socket that is placed up and into the bottom of the seat. This allows the seat to be as close to being with your body as possible.  The seat forces your body to sit in the manner it is designed, which is sitting on the seat bones not across the entire bottom. When you first sit down you will feel your core engage instead of your legs. This allows the pivot point of the seat to be as close to the pivot point of your day-to-day u.s. fluoxetine delivery. order fluoxetine online uk . fluoxetine is used for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), a severe form of  spine as you can get.

When you first sit down you will feel your core muscles engage instead of your leg muscles. This is good because it’s your core not your legs that will improve your riding. Like in the saddle, you do not balance on the BALIMO with your legs but by using your core muscles.

According to Cal, “the design of the seat allows for continuous passive motion when sitting. What this means is that when you are sitting at your desk working, your body is still engaged and moving even though you may not think so, and is still helping keep you loose.”

According to Cal: “People ask me why the BALIMO does not have a back.  My response is that the BALIMO positions the body to sit the way it was designed and when this happens a back is not necessary. As soon as you lean up against the back of a conventional chair, your body shuts down and the nerve centers start to go dormant. Stiffness and other problems begin.  When you put all this together, the BALIMO chair is the only chair out there that keeps the body three-dimensional at all times.”

Practitioners in Chiropractic medicine have endorsed the BALIMO. Dr. Ray Slogar shared: “then I tried what we in my office like to call “THE CORE CHAIR”. You were “riding” one in front of me to show me how to use it. I quickly felt the muscle tissue around my lower back, sides and abdomen fire in order to balance my upper frame.

The dapoxetine 60 with out a prescription, dapoxetine without prescription us pharmacy, dapoxetine no rx, dapoxetine prescription free, otc dapoxetine , buy core muscle tissue activation was only the beginning. As you demonstrated and I imitated the clock positions motions and the rotations, I began to realized that this chair could be a source of pain relief and core stabilization muscle tissue development for my patient/clients; many of whom see themselves as sports enthusiasts, yet suffer spinal-related pain from the neck all the way down to where they sit.”

Whether you are using the BALIMO for office/computer, exercise, rehab, athletic training, or just to feel better the chair prednisone generic deltasone , prednisone 5mg dose pack 48 | canadian drugstore online offers discount pharmacy — order your prescriptions online, cheap  will help. Of course, we are extremely excited about the BALIMO chair as a fitness aid for riding!

Please plan to come meet Cal and test ride the BALIMO chair February 15-16th at the Global Dressage Forum North America 2014, at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Sharon Packer


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