Dressage Trainer Mette Larsen Stars on Online TV Show “Talkin’ Horses”

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Riverhead, New York (June 17, 2015)— Professional equestrian and dressage trainer Mette Larsen has a unique approach to training horses— an approach that seems to work so well that she was recently invited to star on an online television show to share her training philosophies with the dressage community at large. Larsen will be featured on an upcoming episode of Talkin’ Horses, an internet-based television show hosted by Eileen Shanahan on www.EileenShanahan.com and on www.Pegasustv.org, the Natural Horsemanship channel of the Pegasus Television Network.

The interview-style show produced by Shanahan, who has been a videographer for over 30 years, gives Larsen the chance to talk about her training operation, Metlar Dressage. Larsen’s mission is to train horses using trust and partnership. “This is what makes me feel complete and fulfilled,” she explains. “It is when I am happiest.”

As Larsen explains on Talkin’ Horses, her training philosophy includes four dimensions of development: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. “What I have found over the years is that I can successfully train happy performance horses when doing it from a foundation of partnership,” she says. “I want the horses to be a part of the process, to understand their jobs and what I am asking, and to leave their training sessions having learned something and wanting to come back and learn something more.”

“I’m excited to share how multifaceted training can be and how this can create even more successful results,” she says. The physical aspect of Larsen’s training includes techniques like conditioning, training, diet, and shoeing. The emotional aspect of her training includes helping the horse to have fun while feeling safe and calm. The mental aspect helps the horse to understand their job and learn, while the spiritual aspect focuses on creating an ultimate partnership between horse and rider.

Talkin’ Horses will feature an interview with Larsen and will also showcase her training methods in action at Larsen’s Willow Tree Farm in Riverhead, New York. Young horses will be seen working with what Larsen calls “the playground, the car wash, and the teeter totter.” ceftin for strep throat dosage purchase ceftin

“We use balls, tarps, cones, and anything else that can help horses develop confidence, trust, and a better relationship with their rider,” says Larsen. “We want to push their limits and expand their capacity. As we expand their capacities, we set up scenarios that become a little more intense and heighten their emotions— just like what happens at a horse show,” she continues. “The horses learn that their rider or I will always be there for them in every situation. Then when we take them to the show, they realize they have already experienced this environment over and over again— and they don’t put a negative connotation to it because we’ve been there for them. We’re expanding their capacity, and making it fun in the process.”



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Eileen Shanahan chose Larsen for the show because of her unique approach to training horses. “Eileen could see how happy our horses are in general during their buy cheap estrace vaginal cream and save with a discount estrace vaginal cream price . our canadian pharmacy will allow you to save when you buy estrace training, and wanted to know more about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and where I’m going with it,” explains Larsen.

She acknowledges that her training techniques are a bit different. “I think what happens often in dressage is that sometimes we overlook the fact that the horse is not as happy as they could be in their training. My focus at Metlar Dressage is to make sure they are happy in their training,” she says.

Teaching and training horses is Larsen’s passion. “By working closely with horses, trainers, and riders, I see how much I love training and helping horses.” she says. “I love horses down to my soul. It is my mission in life to transform how horses are trained, and make this world a better place for them through trust and partnership.”

For more information about professional rider and trainer Mette Larsen, call 516-695-1731 or email mette@metlardressage.com — and watch for Metlar Dressage on Talkin’ Horses.



Photo: For an upcoming episode of Talkin’ Horses, Mette Larsen of Metlar Dressage is filmed while instructing (Photo courtesy of Jenny Susser).



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