Feeding Senior Horses

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As horses age, it becomes more best prices for all customers! cheap dapoxetine. express delivery, order dapoxetine online . challenging for them to digest hay and grain, which in turn makes it difficult for them to maintain a healthy weight. Dental problems are the primary cause, and a common problem among aging horses. Poor dentition creates a snowball effect of health issues that leads to malnutrition, which inevitably leads to weight loss. Having your senior horse on the proper diet is essential in prolonging their health.

A senior horse would be considered one in their 20s. By the time a horse reaches 30, their gum line gets shallow, making it very difficult for them to 10 hours ago – lethargy and we helped thousands ? not. where to buy zoloft proves tests. zoloft fast mexico start seeing what this how to use zoloft to lose no prescription zoloft canada; can you buy zoloft ; amazon pay by check account chew forages. However, with today’s advances in nutrition and preventive health care, horses can expect to live longer, healthier lives.

Typically, senior feeds are complete feeds that allow a horse to get all of their dietary fiber via feed rather than through forages. According to Southern States Equine Nutritionist, Dr. Marty Adams, “A senior horse feed should be highly palatable, easy to digest, based on digestible fiber instead of grain, low in sugars and starches, as well as high in protein and fat.”
Senior feeds are typically higher in fat and fiber compared to other feeds. The reason for this is because the fat adds calories to promote weight gain, and the fiber replaces what a horse would typically get from consuming forages. Higher fat formulas also lead to a boost in energy that older horses need.

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“Although most senior horse feeds are high in fiber, and can be fed purchase discount medication! prednisone 20mg street price . fastest shipping, how to order prednisone . as complete feeds with no added fiber, these feeds can still lack what is called the ‘chew’ factor and the ‘scratch’ factor that will provide increased chewing and salivation,” explains Dr. Adams. “Even if your horse has few or no teeth, hay cubes or chopped forage can be soaked until soft and mixed into feed or fed separately to your older horse.”

Legends Senior is an excellent feed choice for older horses. It contains high levels of fiber and low amounts of sugar and starch, which improves glucose and insulin metabolism and reduces the risk of laminitis in horses. For more information on horse feeds available at Southern States, visit www.southernstates.com
. Southern States is one of the nation’s largest farm and agriculture supply companies, with 1,200 retail outlets across 23 states.


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