FEI Update: Caution: Undeclared Prohibited Substance(s) in equine product FUSTEX

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July 17, 2015

FEI Communications Department

Caution: Undeclared Prohibited Substance(s) in equine product FUSTEX
It has come to the FEI’s knowledge that the product FUSTEX, manufactured by Chinfield S.A. and used in particular to stimulate muscle work, may contain propoxyphene and/or potentially other prohibited substances. However, the substance propoxyphene is not listed as an ingredient of FUSTEX in the product information made available by the manufacturer. Propoxyphene is a banned substance under the FEI Equine Prohibited List, and its use at any time, as well as its presence in a horse’s sample at any time, constitute an Equine Anti-Doping Rule violation.

The FEI is therefore cautioning its stakeholders against the use of FUSTEX. Lack of knowledge regarding the ingredients of FUSTEX will not be a valid excuse in any costco pharmacy prices baclofen dosage. cost of baclofen pumps. baclofen sale uk. baclofen price uk. buy baclofen online pharmacy. baclofen price india Equine Anti-Doping procedures.

Furthermore please be reminded of the FEI warning against the administration of supplements which can befound here.



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