Follow the Foal Update Toschufro Moves to His New Home Dressage at Devon 2015

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Thursday, June 04, 2015


Devon, PA
After many months of getting ready for their arrival including making two 24 x 13 foot stalls in the main barn, shoring up the baby fencing and consulting with Buttonwood Farm on feed and care, Toschufro TT (1/1/2015), half brother, Don Rubinstein (2/21/2015) and their surrogate mums, Opal and Gem were brought to their new farm in Westchester County New York. “May 2nd was a very busy and exciting day,” says owner Elizabeth Tarbell. “From blowing snow to mowing grass, like many farms in the Northeast, we were mired in change of season challenges including slippery, muddy conditions.  We felt it prudent to keep the foals at Buttonwood until our pastures were green with a nice depth of quality grass for grazing.”
The horses came down in two shipments, as transporter Corine Weber of EETL converted her rig into just one large box stall for mare and foal. First to arrive at the farm were Gem and Don Rubinstein. “Once Gem and Don Rubinstein were safely settled in, I joined Corine, on the round trip, to get Toschufro and Opal, to say goodbye and thank you to the Buttonwood staff, and to be with Opal and Toschufro TT on their short journey home. Like many others, I would have loved to travel in the trailer, if that were possible, but like everyone at our farm, I too had to wait for the “unloading” after we pulled into our long driveway.
Normal routine for mares and foals followed shortly thereafter arrival. Twice daily, Opal and Toschufro along with Gem and Don Rubinstein are lead into the main barn (into their spacious stalls) for breakfast and dinner, primarily to continue the handling and ground work started by Buttonwood. “Both colts take the halter and lead like little pros, admittedly with the occasional bounce and lateral move (they are baby horses after all) so we really have had an easy transition, and it made it easier when having our first session with professional handler, Sara Vanecek.
Sara Vanecek of Centerline Stables, came on May 21. “Our objective is that Toschufro and Don Rubinstein, Opal and Gem know what the “ask” will be when we take them for their July 12th inspection,” says Elizabeth Tarbell. “Handling these foals on the first day, was a pleasure! Both proved to be an uphill, powerhouse with rhythm, elegance and presence,” says Vanecek.
The mares and colts experienced being handled in the ring, for the very first time. At times, getting the massive Percherons to break into a trot proved challenging, but the colts had no trouble going forward although not always in the gear or direction desired. “I have been photographing horses for years, but photographing foals is always exciting, and challenging, because they are wonderfully spontaneous, and catching them at their best is a great moment” says photographer Jason Bannister.
“We would like to do one breed show prior to Dressage At Devon 2015, just so our team, including Opal, Gem, Toschufro and Don Rubinstien are happy, excited and also well-prepared” states Elizabeth. “But we take it one day and one event at a time: at this moment, our goal is to get through the July 12th inspection process smoothly and with good success.”
We look forward to seeing Toschufro and hundreds of other foals at Dressage at Devon.
Look for additional updates on the Dressage at Devon website ( as the show draws near.

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Dressage at Devon 2015 will take place September 29 through October 4, 2015. Reserved seating is available online for Dressage at Devon 2015 at Box seats are in demand so, for information as to availability or for group sales, please contact Robbie Kankus at or 610-358-1919.

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About Dressage at Devon
Dressage at Devon ( canadian pharmacy dapoxetine without prescription no prescription! generic and brand medications buy synthroid online no rx. official drugstore, cheapest  ) has been a premier North American Equestrian event since its founding by the Delaware Valley Combined Training Association in 1975, and became a separate organization in 2006.  It combines world-class dressage competition and the world’s largest open breed show with the international Fall Festival show and special activities for the entire family.  The six-day event attracts hundreds of horses from around the world and thousands of spectators.  Dressage at Devon is a 501(c) (3) PA non-profit organization, benefitting equine education.


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