Follow the Foal Update: Toschufro TT Prepares for Dressage at Devon 2015

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Awarded Premium at Oldenburg (GOV) Inspection
Big Plans in Place for His Future


Devon, PA – For Toschufro TT, the Oldenburg (GOV) inspection held at Maplewood Warmbloods on July 12, 2015 was just ‘another day at the office.’ Toshufro and half brother Don Rubinstein TT both received Premium from director Holly Simensen of the Oldenburg Horse Breeders’ Society, who ran the July 12th inspections. “All the preparation paid off. The colts and the mares presented perfectly even when Sara and I changed handler positions due to Sara pulling a hamstring,” relayed owner Elizabeth Tarbell. Because the inspection was so well organized, Toschufro and Don Rubinstein were back grazing in their pasture before 2pm same day.

“I am confident that the rideability of Toschufro TT will be very high after demonstrating effective performance at the GOV inspection and calm behavior throughout the weaning process,” states Elizabeth. “I spent many a sleepless night leading up to the weaning, but he was hardly phased by the separation. He was so happy, trusting and willing to work with humans and new horses.” Now Toschufo and his half brother Don Rubinstein are spending time romping with each other, enjoying the company of their new herd, and growing like weeds. The colts stand almost 14 hands already, with the younger of the two, Don Rubinstein, almost 2 inches higher at the wither (at the top of the should where the neck joins the body) than Toschufro TT.

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During the weaning process, the colts were given a lot of time on their own to adjust and assimilate with their new herd mates, with limited handling so as to ease them into herd changes. Now that Toschufro and Don Rubinstein are weaned and happy in their new herd, the daily routine has resumed with both being haltered and led to the barn for twice daily inspection and grooming. In a few weeks, they will be re-introduced to the ring, to start practicing breed show presentation requirements. As weanlings, they will have to really trust their handler, because they will not have a seasoned mare by their side. A day by day approach will be taken and the colts will be given time to practice with their handler, so that they are well prepared for Dressage At Devon 2015. After Devon, the cycle begins again.
“Many people have asked what our plans are for Toschufro next year”, says Elizabeth Tarbell. “My breeder friend, Sherry Smith (Dogwood Sporthorses) recommended Annetta Coleman (High Valley Hanoverians) because Annetta has created a training methodology that teaches and nurtures young warmbloods, along the same lines as what we do already at our own farm, except her training is conducted in a much warmer climate!” Toschufro TT and Don Rubinstein TT will enter the program at High Valley Hanoverians in the north Georgia mountains this fall, after Dressage At Devon 2015. As for breeding again to Totilas? “Given the joy and success we have already experienced with Toschufro, we would do it again in a heartbeat.” states Elizabeth ” In fact, we believe in this stallion so much we will be encouraging breeders to breed to him and other Schockemöhle stallions in the next breeding season.”

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We look forward to seeing Toschufro and hundreds of other foals at Dressage at Devon. Look for additional updates on the Dressage at Devon website ( as the show draws near. Dressage at Devon 2015 will take place September 29 through October 4, 2015. Reserved seating is available online for Dressage at Devon 2015 at Box seats are in demand so, for information as to availability or for group sales, please contact Robbie Kankus at, buy viagra in brazil- buy online without prescription. discounts up to 90%. fda or 610-358-1919.
About Dressage at Devon
Dressage at Devon ( has been a premier North American Equestrian event since its founding by the Delaware Valley Combined Training Association in 1975, and became a separate organization in 2006.  It combines world-class dressage competition and the world’s largest open breed show with the international Fall Festival show and special activities for the entire family.  The six-day event attracts hundreds of horses from around the world and thousands of spectators.  Dressage at Devon is a 501(c) (3) PA non-profit organization, benefitting equine education. caused by allergies. atarax is also used as a… purchase atarax

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