For Dressage Riders: Tips to be Show Ring Ready!

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* Prior to the show check condition of your show helmet.
* Follow manufactures instructions as how to clean your helmet.
* Check your helmet liner. Clean or replace as needed.
* Check chin clips.


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* Wash by hand and air dry. Check clips.
* Have a spare! prednisone 5mg cost prednisone 5mg cost Deltasone without prescription
* Unless you are very blonde the hairbun holder should match your jacket and show
* Keep extra bobby pins, hair spray, and hair elastics in your show bag for emergencies.


* Prior to the show, try on your show coat and check the fit. A proper fitting show
coat should be comfortable and make an impression on the judges.
* Check all buttons, match and replace as needed.
* Give your show coat a face lift just by replacing all the buttons and adding a
new matching stock tie.
* Don’t forget your pocket square.
* If you have USDF Medals or other buttons, they are placed on the right lapel.
* Check with your local tack store for the replacement buttons. OR for a custom
look, visit your local fabric store. Remember to purchase enough to replace all
* When putting on the replacement buttons make sure to sew the buttons on tight.
This helps keep them from pointing downward.
* Pack an extra complete set of buttons for the show.
* Pack and use a microfiber dusting cloth on your jacket between classes to remove
show ring dust. It can also be used to dust off your helmet.
* Spray Scotch Guard on your show coat to help keep it clean during the show.


* Prior to show check the condition of your show shirts.
* Make certain show shirts have all the buttons or still zip. Replace as needed.
* Pack enough show shirts for 2 a day. If you are riding in several classes a day,
keep your look fresh by changing your show shirt.
* If you are showing in the hot summer months, make sure to pack a light solid colored
show shirt for if jackets are waved.
* Check for stains. Spot wash with your handy Tide To Go stick.


* Pack a minimum of 2. You may only need 1, but it is always good idea to have at
least 1 spare.
* Check to make certain Velcro still works or buttons are still in place.
* Check to make certain it fits the show shirt you are planning to wear.
* Check for stains. Spot wash with your handy Tide To Go stick.


* It’s a nice touch to match your stock tie pin to the color stones in your horse’s
* Stock tie pins can be easily lost or forgotten, pack extras.
* Check condition of pin. After every show, wash with mild soap and towel dry to 5 days ago – patients, but not buy fluoxetine pills online where the the doughnut hole. to medication is a buy fluoxetine pills online. motrin from europe fucidin without prescription
keep the luster.


* Check condition of your white show breeches.
* Check the zipper and waist closure. Try on to ensure proper fit. Replace as needed.
* Pack belts and socks. Remember socks are not just worn under your boots.
* Washing Tips – Spot wash with Tidy Pantz or Simple Green.
* Turn your breech inside out and launder in gentle detergent with like colors.
* Remove promptly and roll up in a towel to remove excess water. Hang to dry.

* DO NOT BLEACH! that should tell us something. buy female cialis online offer per pill solid and buy
* Prior to show spray your breeches with Scotch Guard to help them stay clean and
white. Do not spray your seat
* At the show, spot wash with your handy Tide To Go stick.
* Pack 1 pair per show day along with an additional pair for a spare.
* If you are wearing a tail coat, make sure to pack high waisted breeches, or for
a lower waist breech, a very nice belt.


* Beautiful earrings can be another piece of jewelry that can match your stock tie
pin or brow band.
* A little lip gloss before entering the ring not only polishes your look, but keeps
your lips from getting dry during your ride.
* Make sure that your gloves are still sticky and in good condition.
* Spur straps should match the color of your boots and be clean.

You can bookmark this handy list, also at our website, for easy reference: ShowChic
Dressage – Helpful Tips to be Show Ring Ready!


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