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by Mckenzie Jenkins

Mckenzie Jenkins – Sept 2014 As show season in Wellington approaches, I thought I would talk about some of my favorite show grooming tips. I believe that making your horse look the absolute best he can is a big part of horse showing. It shows that you take showing seriously and want to present your horse in a way that really grabs the judge’s eye.

As any rider knows, preparing for a show takes time. My horse show grooming starts a week before the first show day. First, I clip fetlocks and any white socks that the horse has. Clipping legs, especially in Florida, always gives a greater chance for fungus unfortunately, so I wash the horse’s legs in a special fungus shampoo after I clip, just to be safe. The day before I leave for the show, I give the horse a very thorough bath and condition the tail. If I have a black horse, I love bathing in Quik Black. If the lowest prices for estrace vaginal cream from online pharmacies and prescription discount cards! before you buy estrace vaginal cream, compare the best  I have a white horse or a horse with white markings, I use Quik Silver. After the horse is squeaky clean, I fill a wash bucket with water and about a quarter of a cup of baby oil. I apply this mixture all over the horse with a sponge. This makes the horse’s coat extra super shiny, and it also helps repel dirt. After the horse is dry, I clip the horses ears, muzzle, and jaw line. I also trim the mane and bottom of tail if needed. Now you are ready to head to the show!

After schooling the horse at the show, I give the horse a good shower. My personal favorite “shine” spray is Santa Fe coat conditioner. It really does the job and has a great smell that is not overpowering. The price is great of augmentin on menstruation while on pills bluelight baclofen overnight viagra cytotec di warujayeng en costa rica consigo cytotec baclofen online is zyban  too! I spray the horse down with this after his shower. Stay away from the saddle area with the spray, as it will make the hair very slippery! Easy as that, day one is complete.

Show day: I tend to start preparing the horse about 2 hours before my ride time. If you have a white horse, look for green spots right away. If they have spots, I just wash those spots with the Quik Silver shampoo. Then I start braiding. I do very basic braids with rubber bands and Quik Braid. I prefer for the mane to be wet to braid, so I normally take a sponge to wet it down before I begin. I separate the dapoxetine mercury drug tadalafil 10mg + dapoxetine 30mg Priligy without prescription mane into sections, and I spray one section at a time with Quik Braid to make sure not too much runs onto the neck. This can be time consuming, but the end result is worth it.

Once braiding is complete, I curry the horse all over. Then take a soft brush to smooth out the hair. Next, I spray the horse with Santa Fe and fly spray. I use a towel on the face for both sprays so as not to get it in their eyes. For the tail, I comb it out with a little bit of Cowboy Magic. If the horse has any white socks, I cover them with baby powder. This gives a gleaming white appearance. I then put on boots or polo wraps and the saddle. Before putting the bridle on, I grab the Un petroleum jelly. I put apr 3, 2014 – can i buy baclofen online safely; where to buy real baclofen uk . where you can order baclofen 10 mg low price. it on the sides of the mouth and rub it in all over the nose. This gives a wonderful, shiny look.

Once the horse has the bridle on, I pull him out and use a sheepskin mitt all over to remove any last minute dust. I call the sheepskin mitt a miracle worker; it takes off every bit of dirt and dust and makes the horse incredibly shiny. I then apply hoof polish and Voila! Ready to head to the show ring!

I always carry a bucket to the warm up ring with: a bottle of water for the rider, sugar cubes, a clean towel, and some fly spray. This online pharmacy london uk buy dapoxetine online . men’s health. free courier delivery, e-check, healthy bones, free world shipping. generally keeps you covered for any last minute grooming for before the horse goes down centerline. I hope these tips make your horse look like a million bucks for your show season! Good Luck!

Mckenzie Jenkins is a 21 year old dressage rider originally from Gallatin, TN. She recently started a working student job with Devon Kane at Diamante Farm in Wellington. She began riding when she was 6 years old. Mckenzie went to her first dressage show at age 10, and I fell in love. In 2008 she and her Anglo Arabian, Tsarina, won an individual Bronze medal and a Silver medal in the freestyle at NAJC. In 2009, they qualified for NAYRC, and their team won a Bronze medal.

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