Hilary Moore Hebert Rides $1 Horse to a Fourth Level High Score at VADA June Show

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Leesburg, Virginia (July 15, 2014)

Hilary Moore Hebert just wanted to put a second show under her mount’s belt when she entered Why Not in the June 6-8 Virginia Dressage Association’s (VADA) show at Morven Park. Bought by owner and the pair’s trainer, Janna Dyer, for only $1, just getting the horse to Fourth Level was already considered the win. The pair did better when than that, however, when they took home a 70.286 percent in Sunday’s Fourth Level, Test One, and high score for the buy amoxil online, 400 mg chewable amoxicillin with potassium autism, amoxicillin 250 mg chewable without prescription. level.

“Our champion ribbon cost more than the horse wearing it,” joked Moore Hebert, who also noted that “Willy” lives a simple life in a field with a run-in shed. “Janna told me to ‘just have fun’ and we did. It just goes to show that when you ride compare prices and save up to 70%. buy fluoxetine online. fluoxetine is used for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), a severe form of  with your horse’s best interest in mind, he can go like a million dollars.”

Happiness and commitment are the name of the game at Dark Horse Stables, where Moore Hebert drives over an hour every day to train Why Not with Dyer. The fact that she owns her own boarding and training facility speaks to the value she puts on training with Dyer.

“Hilary is a talented, hard-working rider with great feel,” says Dyer. “She deserved a top horse and Why Not is a top horse who lacked strength and confidence and needed a rider to trust and rely on. They are a great partnership. It is fantastic and rewarding to watch them develop as a team.”

Since starting the season at Third Level in May, Moore Hebert and Why Not have now won seven classes and earned two high score awards through FEI Prix St. Georges. The pair are already qualified for the BLM and U.S. Dressage Federation championships at ergebnisreich prozac nur fur sie! kopen prozac online . der fachkrafte unserer internet- apotheke alle fragen des kaufes prozac online auszunutzen. Third and Fourth Level, as well as FEI Prix St. Georges and the Fourth Level Musical Freestyle. The pair recently returned with two second-place finishes at the prestigious Dressage at Lexington, having held their own in large Prix St. Georges and freestyle stakes classes.

Hilary Moore Hebert is an FEI competitor and the head trainer/owner of Moore Hebert Dressage in Germantown, Maryland (www.mooredressage.com). She competes Why Not.

Janna best price for phenergan 250 50 price of phenergan 250 50 Promethazine without prescription Dyer is Why Not’s owner and trainer, as well as Moore Hebert’s trainer. She is a Grand Prix trainer and competitor. She owns and operates Dark Horse Stables in Rocky Ridge, Maryland (www.darkhorsestables.com).

Why Not is a 2005 Hanoverian gelding owned by Janna Dyer and generic zyban online also called bupropion to quit smoking forever. people buy generic zyban, zyban 150mg at this online pharmacy. ridden by Hilary Moore Hebert. He currently competes at FEI Prix St. Georges.

Photo: Hilary Moore Herbert and Why Not. (Photo courtesy of Bobby Follin)


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