Horse Side Vet Guide® – Equine Health Resource – Now Available for FREE on the Internet

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The huge and constantly expanding knowledgebase underlying the world’s most highly regarded equine health mobile app – Horse Side Vet Guide – is now available for free at User’s need only sign up at the website for full access to all the information contained in the app. In late 2013, HSVG was first launched as a mobile app for horse owners and equine professionals. “HSVG was made to be used ‘horse-side’ – literally while you are standing there looking at your horse.” says Douglas Thal DVM DABVP, lifelong horseman, long-time equine veterinarian, and the creator of HSVG. In just over a year, the HSVG app has been downloaded in over 45 countries. It has ranked as a Top 25 reference app in iTunes in 20 countries and has predominantly 5-star ratings on both the Apple iTunes app store and Google Play. “We have received so much positive feedback from horse owners but also many requests to make HSVG’s information more accessible” says Dr. Thal. “With this in mind I

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am very excited to announce the launch of the free web-based version of HSVG.” The website is optimized for laptop and desktop screens. However, the app remains the best resource for smartphones and tablets. Thal stresses: “HSVG was originally conceived as a mobile app and the app is still the best resource to have on hand without an Internet connection, especially for horse owners that use or ride their horses in remote areas.” “Our goal from the beginning has been to put this information in as many horse people’s hands as possible, and this is an important step in that mission… It has been a massive effort, made with the singular goal of providing reliable, veterinary-created equine health information to horse people, for the benefit of the horse.” The web-based knowledgebase and smartphone app are designed to help caretakers of horses (and other equines) make better equine health-care decisions. Dr. Thal created HSVG as an alternative to random Internet searching for information. Horse people turn to the Internet more and more for information about equine health, often instead of communicating with a veterinarian,” said Thal. “Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Too often, this approach results in a delayed diagnosis, equine suffering, and ultimately increased cost to the horse owner.” HSVG is a credible source of equine health information for horse owners – convenient and accessible – a quick and reliable alternative to randomly searching the web for information. Both the HSVG app and new website offer uniquely accessible and useful horse health information based on an interlinked and ever-expanding matrix of horse health information. The system is centered on a list of almost 700 horse owner Observations, related to hundreds of conditions, diagnostics and treatments. It also includes 100+ horse owner skills, custom illustrations, how-to videos, and much more. “We are delighted at the response that Horse Side Vet Guide has received to date,” Thal said. “The app is receiving rave reviews from equestrians and it is now also receiving the support of veterinarians who recognize its benefit in improving equine health care, and in increasing the quality of communication with their clients.” Now this resource is free on the web. To learn more and sign up, click here cipro sulfa cipro online We are happy to provide you with images upon request, please email

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