How To Stop Leaning To the Inside

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Many riders lean to the inside in one direction, and as a result they grip with the outside leg to stay on. Leaning also contributes to your horse feeling stiff on that side as he tries to balance himself under your extra weight. buy prozac nation: young and depressed in america – a memoir by elizabeth wurtzel (isbn: 9780704302488) from amazon’s book store. free uk delivery on fucidin without prescription
Let’s take an example of leaning to the left and drawing the right leg up which would contribute to this horse feeling stiff to the left.
Here are some things you can try. (If you tend to lean to the right, just reverse everything.)

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Step down into the right iron as if you’re going to dismount off the right side of your horse.
Slide your seat over to the right every few strides. (Practice this on a circle in the walk first to get some muscle memory.) In the picture above, the right seatbone is too close to the midline (the line that runs from the pommel to the cantle) of the saddle. By sliding your seat to the right, you bring your left seat bone closer to the midline so you end up with both seatbones equidistant from the midline.

Pretend you’re picking your seat up and moving it to the right as if you’re going to place your left seatbone exactly on the midline of the saddle.
Take your right shoulder and pull it to the right. Imagine there’s a magnet in your shoulder and the arena walls are made of metal so that they draw your shoulder to the outside.
Pretend you have 3/4 of your body weight on the right side of the horse and only 1/4 on the left side.
Imagine that a large plexiglass tube has been dropped over your upper body. When you’re sitting straight, your body won’t touch the inside of the tube. In the picture, you can see that the left shoulder and right hip would touch the inside walls of the tube.


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