Inaugural Issue of Pony Quarterly Hits the Stands in October 2014

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Loxahatchee, FL (October 17, 2014) — “As I became more and more involved in breeding, importing, and training ponies, it became obvious that the competition pony industry was an underserved, very passionate community that needed a voice,” FEI pony trainer, competitor, and breeder Audrey Maschue states. “Ponies are no longer the short, hairy stubby-legged little ‘Fellwell’ pony ridden by little kids. They can be buying prednisone online canada, deltasone 20 generic , deltasone without a no rx, prednisone otc , cheap generic deltasone 40, buy prednisone online with  as fancy as the big warmbloods, and just as athletic and competitive. Ponies nowadays are often ridden or driven by adults who have ambitious goals in the competitive arenas. Many of them compete on an International Stage— and there just hasn’t been anyone that gives them the attention they deserve!” After discovering this void in the equestrian community, Maschue decided to step up to fill it by creating and publishing Pony Quarterly, a magazine devoted to celebrating and supporting the lifestyle of show ponies and their owners.

“Pony Quarterly’s goal is to be the source of news, education and support for the pony market,” Maschue says, describing her new publication. “My vision for Pony Quarterly was to produce a newsstand-quality magazine that was sophisticated, with interesting professional articles covering topics that our readers would find educational, inspirational, and exciting— something not just for kids but for the adults, too!” The debut issue of Pony Quarterly will be published on October 17, 2014. The full-color magazine will follow its debut with three more issues to complete its exciting first year of existence. Each engaging issue will enthrall its reader with approximately forty pages of information and dapoxetine not working dapoxetine europe cheap dapoxetine stories about the world of competitive ponies. “Not only does Pony Quarterly cover ponies in the Hunter/Jumper, Driving, Eventing, and Dressage arenas, but we also want to showcase the lifestyle as well. We will feature prominent breeders, artists, trainers, and competitors so the readers can get to learn a little about their lives, and how ponies have given them inspiration,” Maschue explained.

Besides the quarterly printed magazine, Pony Quarterly will also have an online presence. Maschue says, “Although the magazine is our focus, we wanted to develop integrated platforms for sharing ideas, experiences, and offering support to one another. A big part of that is through our website and social media sites! We have seven Bloggers on our website already that share with us their ups, downs, advice, buy estrace vaginal cream without prescription 4.8 out of 5 based on 432 ratings. for most people, recommended daily allowance rda of protein and fat at and inspiration on a regular basis. Our Facebook page has a devoted following and we do lots of contests with great prizes while covering many of the competition results all over the country!” Contests and stories can be found at and

The staff at Pony Quarterly’s love for ponies, competing, and the equestrian community doesn’t stop at their new publication. “Giving back to the community we serve is something we feel very strongly about!” Maschue says. “Not only have we sponsored many Pony Awards at various shows around the country, but we are always developing nov 26, 2014 – buy cheap generic prednisone online without prescription tablets – buy generic prednisone online buy prednisone for dogs . prednisone new ideas for promoting and drawing attention to the pony community. One of those ideas turned into our Pony Of The Year Contest. Anyone can submit their nomination; we will pick four finalist and our readers will chose the winner who will win a host of great prizes and be featured in our Winter Issue!”

Maschue, who owns a small dressage training and sales stable called Xanadu Dressage in Loxahatchee, Florida, eagerly anticipates introducing pony lovers everywhere to Pony Quarterly this month. When not publishing ponies in her magazine, the horsewoman is personally involved in the pony industry with her own foals. “I am looking forward to campaigning them and offering them to the pony market as they get older. I am super lucky to have some pretty fantastic ponies that compete and win against the “big” boys buy solution oz valtrex can you buy valtrex over counter uk 5 the to oral in in open dressage classes around the country!” Maschue stated.

She hopes to join other equestrians in celebrating their wonderful ponies with Pony Quarterly. For more information about the magazine, visit

Contact: Audrey Maschue

Editor, Pony Quarterly



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