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Buying Direct is Smart Horse Sense

Itapira, Brazil (October 29, 2014) – At Interagro Lusitanos prospective owners can choose from literally hundreds of purebreds while seeing firsthand “living pedigrees” represented among the herds. Interagro Lusitanos, located in Itapira, Brazil, is the pristine home to approximately 450 Lusitano online canadian pharmacy store! buy zoloft 50mg . fastest shipping, different generic brands of zoloft. horses of elite bloodlines and specialized training. Interagro’s Lusitanos have proven their ability in a variety of performance disciplines including dressage, driving, and working equitation. Their superb dispositions, trainability, fluid gaits and sheer beauty have made Interagro horses sought after worldwide. They are a favorite with both professional and amateur riders.

“Go to the source,” says Interagro Lusitanos U.S. representative, Peter van when will generic advair diskus be available cheap advair diskus online buy fluticasone Borst. You’ll also be selecting your “perfect” horse from hundreds of horses including the very finest that Interagro has to offer.

If the enigmatic looks, athleticism and movement of the Lusitano is what you’re dreaming of, van Borst is quick to add, “There is more selection in Brazil! I have personally found so many super nice horses, at great prices, that you can get on right then and there and ride.”

As further incentive, the beauty of the breed is matched only by the majesty of the countryside that nurtures them. The immersive equestrian experience that Interagro offers, known as Destination Lusitano, rewards prospective owners who choose to come and stay at the facility with the chance to experience firsthand the best of Brazilian culture and cuisine, as well as countless hours in the saddle riding the horses they are considering bringing home. “It is a wonderful to truly get to know a horse you’re interested in, by seeing how they handle top quality medications. generic dapoxetine india. fastest shipping, generic dapoxetine . themselves in a variety of situations:, says van Borst.

Interagro is a unique experience where buyers can view prospects individually and study sires, dams, siblings, and relatives going back generations. Because of their close relationship with Interagro’s owners and knowledge of the Lusitano breed, its dedicated staff have insight into the genealogies and history of each bloodline. cheapest prices pharmacy. buy doxycycline fish . free delivery, generic doxycycline. This multifaceted knowledge of temperament, conformation, movement and overall suitability among disciplines can help buyers ensure selecting their perfect Lusitano from Interagro’s vast herd.

Prospective buyers who are unable to enjoy the adventure of being guests of Interagro Lusitanos, can send Peter van Borst to Interagro as their personal representative. Borst will find horses that perfectly match the buyers’ criteria, and send photos and riding videos back to the buyers to aid them in making their decision, again choosing from a very large selection the finest Interagro horses that match the buyer’s requirements.

To learn more about Interagro Lusitanos please visit To contact Interagro’s US Sales Representative, Peter van Borst, about horses for sale contact him via email at or by phone at 817-368-9447.

Founded in 1975 by Dr. Paulo Gavião Gonzaga to preserve the Lusitano breed, Interagro Lusitanos is the world’s largest breeder and exporter of Lusitano horses. Dr. Gonzaga started with a small band of four mares and one stallion imported to Brazil from the breed’s native Portugal, and since that first generation has produced more than 2,185 Lusitanos. Today, 450 horses populate Interagro’s 1200-acre, six-barn showplace ranch (which has appeared on the covers of 21 international magazines). In 2009, Interagro was recognized as ABPSL ‘Lusitano Breeder of the Year.’ 

Photos: At Interagro Lusitanos prospective owners can choose from literally hundreds of purebreds while seeing firsthand “living pedigrees” represented among the herds. (Photos courtesy of Interagro Lusitanos)

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