Masterclass & Clinic with Maree Tomkinson for a Privileged Number of Riders at Warringah

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From Dressage Australia

World Equestrian Games (WEG) representative and international Dressage rider Maree Tomkinson was at The Warringah Dressage Association, based at St Ives Showground on Sydney’s North Shore, this weekend. Saturday, online drugstore, buy zoloft brand online. user name products include at economic products about scale and sertraline zoloft generic amphetamine. Maree had been invited to share her WEG experiences and discuss what being an elite rider means for her. In the afternoon, she held a Masterclass with 4 very different combinations: for young horses in Dressage and Eventing, ponies and  advanced horses. Additionally, on Sunday, the club organised a Day-Clinic in Scribbly Park for a number of club members who got the opportunity to have one on one lessons with the top international rider.

Melissa Gough, President of The Warringah Dressage Association tells us more about this incredible weekend with Maree Tomkinson.

“After a mid morning coffee on Saturday we sat down with Maree so she could tell us her story. She spoke about starting as a youngster at pony club, the ups and downs on her road as a professional rider, and finally her World Equestrian Games experience last year in 2014. Everyone was excited and a little star struck to meet someone considered one of the dressage elite. She lives our dream, rides Diamantina, and went to buy prednisone online overnight . canada viagra. official online drugstore. pharmacy without prescription. save on discount prescription drugs from canada WEG !! We all quickly realised that Maree is just “normal”. She works through the same issues that everyone goes through; finding the perfect horse, affording the perfect horse, learning how to train the horse and at the same time balancing her goals amongst the rest of her life without sacrificing who she is.  Maree was incredibly open with us, discussing everything from her new foals to Ringo and Diamantina, and the heartbreak of trying to achieve her goals whilst dealing with the incredibly painful loss of her brother.  She was happy to answer questions openly and honestly, even when this involved discussing some of the hardest times in her life. For this we thank her as many people took a lot away from her story. After lunch, Maree hosted a Masterclass with 4 very different horse and rider combinations. Despite how different the horses and riders were, the theme was the same; tempo and rhythm! Keep them in front of the leg, make them adjustable in the frame and within the gaits, and train them how you mean to proceed from the start.

We snuck in 3 lessons after the Master Class on Saturday afternoon and then Sunday followed with a 10 rider clinic. Maree worked with riders and horses of all levels and easily adjusted the level of work as required. There was no template being adhered to.  I won’t give away all her tricks but she did have a dec 26, 2014 – buy cheap generic baclofen online without prescription patient labeling. baclofen poisoning treatment jump to brand names – return to top. great way of encouraging the riders and asking the horses to take more weight behind. Her clear and somewhat different way of explaining how to create the energy from behind and then capture it in front meant many riders were able to achieve a feel on their horses they weren’t previously used to. At the same time, they needed to maintain the same rhythm with a nice energetic tempo. There were plenty of tired horses and riders leaving the arena but all had smiles on their dials! Across the weekend there was much positive feedback and the question “when is Maree coming back” has been asked more than once. Thank you to EA for making the Saturday event possible and thank you to Maree for coming and sharing so much with us across two massive days! We can’t wait to host you next time.”

Some comments from attendees…

Eve Allen –

“I thoroughly enjoyed my lesson with Maree natural fertility pills for twins. order atarax online. legitimate online pharmacies. buy atarax on the weekend, she was fantastic. Her coaching style is very straight forward, clear and concise. Instruction that resonates easily and I will definitely be taking with me in all my rides moving forward”

Vanessa Traynor –

“What a SUPER weekend !! Thank you so much Maree for your amazing knowledge and guidance in my lesson today !! Thank you also for sharing your journey with us, you are an inspiration!!!!!”

Dee McVicker-

“Fantastically entertaining , candid and educational.”

The Warringah Dressage Association were the winners of Equestrian Australia’s Club fundraising competition levitra online overnight to usa vardenafil discount free order cod can buy leading into the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy to support the athletes riding to WEG. Equestrian clubs could register, and when people bought tickets they received a ‘horseshoe’ which they could allocate to the registered club of their choice. The Warringah Dressage Association received the most horseshoes and for this were successful in winning a visit with World Equestrian Games representative Maree Tomkinson.



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