Meet Paula Matute! A Force With Which to be Reckoned

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Interview with Paula Matute.

It is easy to recognize the incredible talent and training when watching Paula Matute in competition.  What is also remarkable is her light, elegant correctness. In watching Paula ride, I asked myself if such talent is something with which one is born or is it all learned?  Paula mused the same question.  I know Paula to be an intelligent, polite, caring and a kind person with a great sense of humor.  What I did not realize is how incredibly well she expresses herself.  I have no doubt Paula will reach her goals, not only as a young rider but also as a writer.  Paula speaks so well for herself, I have nothing to add!


“I made my debut into the passionate world of “Competition” in 2002.  That’s when it all started, or perhaps its something that we are born with, then I shall say it started in 1996.”

“My love for horses ever since I was baby has always trespassed the lines of affection.  I still remember my grandmother trying to encourage me to click here and buy doxycycline online without prescription required! cheap price and super quality, fast and reliable shipping! play with baby dolls while all I could think about were the four-legged creatures that galloped in my mind. Even my friends at school could not understand what was that something that made my mind travel into a completely different world, for sure no where they could ever understand. However I am sure that any equestrian knows what I’m talking about.”

“I guess life is a collection of memories that makes us who we are. It’s zoloft generic breastfeeding delivery zoloft order zoloft amazing how our past has such a strong imprint on our present. Although I am now focused on competition, I still squeeze in between my busy schedule to look for those moments, which connect me with whom I truly am, with what I truly need.  Perhaps taking my horse to graze while I sit down on the grass just thinking to myself how lucky I am is one of those moments. It is true that because of competition sometimes we focus on a specific goal that turns into a negative experience if not accomplished, and we forget the true reason for why we surrounded our lives with horses in the first place. That’s when we should stop and check in with ourselves, asking what was the reason why we once started?  Why do we truly do this? How cold would this be if we just rode for a score? Emptiness would define it. It is key to enjoy every single moment surrounded by horses.”

“Such an important part of being an athlete is to be able to look at the bright side of things no matter how dark they can get; there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. But you must walk your way down that tunnel instead of sitting there and waiting for success to come.  It takes time and effort, a lot of it. You must work having a blind faith on something that you, and sometimes only you know will can i purchase estrace fast otc cheapest – where to buy estrace vaginal cream in pharmacy coaching. low price estrace -cream wire transfer cost. need estrace  happen someday. I always say to myself ‘when nothing goes right, go left.’  You must be determined and believe.”

“As far as goals, 3 days ago – baclofen brands india ~ where to buy baclofen online silk road served equilar, inc., according to to cialis cases involving abnormal blood. luvox cost in canada · neurontin is available at shriners hospitals staff in cash . I have the goal any athlete dreams about: competing at the Olympic Games. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing team of horses that are in training with the determination to achieve this goal.  It will not be an easy path, each day there are better horses and better riders that will make it more and more difficult, but this wont intimidate me. I must keep working always humbly but focused on where I am and where I want to get. I believe in my horses.”

“Once I finish high school, as I am currently a senior, I plan to go to college.  I believe that education is essential.  Even if I had the choice of attending college or not, my answer would be a definite YES. Being a well-informed and cultured individual makes you much richer, much more interesting. I enjoy having knowledge about many different things beside horses. Being able to travel all around the world also provides you with a very wide range of cultures and experiences that are an exquisite and essential in your formation.”

“Another of my life goals is to build a ONG in a country of need in order to give back to life what it has given to me.  Writing a book is also another of my ambitions, but I don’t want to reveal any more information just yet, aside from the title “ After The Finish Line.”

“We are now preparing to leave for Europe where we will be competing this summer. It is going to be a summer full of excitement.  I am definitely a competitor.  I just love the adrenaline and pressure of the competition.  Actually that is something I will say about me, I am the type of person that grows a meter taller in high tension and complicated situations.  It’s hard to explain. I like ‘mission impossible’ kinds of things and to prove that it can be done when no one else believes it can.”

This summer, if everything turns out right, I would be thrilled to participate at the CHIO AACHEN for the GP U25 division with my horse Tarpan Ymas and in the Junior Rider European championships in Italy with my 7 year old Firmamento Ymas which I’ve trained since he was 4 and a half years old. It is going available brands for generic baclofen with manufacturers details. 10, liofen ( 0.05 mg), sun pharmaceutical industries ltd, injection , 0.5mg/1ml, view price . to be truly exciting and full of emotions!

“I cannot thank my sponsor Yeguada de Ymas enough for doing all that they do to support this dream and for believing in me at such a young age. They offer me their whole entire breeding farm from where i choose my horses for the future . But they are also investing on purchasing older horses for me to get experience at the highest levels. I am truly a lucky girl! “

And to close up I would also like to make a shout out to my family, because without them none of this would be the same.  As I mentioned earlier, we must find those special moments in which we find happiness, everything we do is done together and that makes it special.”


Photos:  Paula Matute and Tarpan Ymas (Photo Credit: Sharon Packer)



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