Preserving our Past for our Future Saving the whole package for future generations

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By Robin Collins

In order to plan our future we must conserve and understand the world as it was before our generation. A word often used for this effort is ‘Preservation’ and today as our planet is demonstrating the problems that can occur with progress; perhaps preservation and stewardship are more important for humanity to implement and practice than it has been for previous generations.
First we must have knowledge of our past and share this knowledge in any way we can. This awareness shares, strengthens and enriches our lives and resources for national and international appreciation of our planet. This is a major goal and role of the Heritage Discovery Center. One of the current HDC projects to help preserve our history and resources is to expand our preservation breeding program.

Rancho del Sueño is currently preserving our Colonial Spanish Horse. In addition, we plan similar preservation/conservation programs for our Colonial Spanish Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, other Equids (Burros & Mules), and Foul (Chickens, Ducks, etc.) Rancho del Sueño’s vision is to host all Colonial Livestock brought to the Americas by the Spanish.

The Rancho del Sueño Area of the HDC will not only be focused on preservation/conservation genetic programs but will also serve as an extensive educational and learning center for young and old alike to realize and develop a comprehensive appreciation for the nature of and contribution of each species. Without the introduction of these marvelous animals our cultural development and lifestyles would have been side effects & drug interactions. buy generic fluoxetine . fluoxetine is used for treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder (pmdd), a severe form of premenstrual enormously different. Can you imagine our western history without Farms or Ranches?

Preservation breeding is a description of the practice of preserving genetic variability by breeding animals within specific bloodline groups.

Breeding goals are important, but it is important to save all the pieces if we are to have a complete picture. (Without knowing where you are fluoxetine without rx medications. get fluoxetine. generic fluoxetine fedex. fluoxetine from canada . buy perscription fluoxetine online . purchase fluoxetine headed it is impossible to know when you arrive) Within the context of the overall goal, a preservation breeder will consider the genetic contribution of the specific animal. Sire or dam lines that are endangered are noted and special effort is made to breed the replacement individuals to carry on the tradition. True Spanish genetic populations are very rare, sometimes finding just one Spanish individual is difficult and a true gift to the delicate balance of preservation of the breed.

By the time Spanish explorers were setting sail for the New World, Spanish horses had become world famous, and much sought after by the Royal Stud farms throughout the world. There were three main types of Spanish horses being bred, and all three were brought to the New World as part of Spanish Exploration.

These Spanish horses are without a doubt the best moving horses I have ever ridden. I have worked hundreds or Quarter horses, Morgans, Arabs, Appys, Paints, Walkers, Andulusians. Nothing can compare to the ease and strength of movement these horses naturally possess. They are very old souls; not with the skittish, flight-oriented mentality of the modern breeds. In my opinion, today’s horses have been linebred and inbred so much that they have lost the traits these old Spanish horses possess; calm minds, excellent body strength, great ability to travel without stress or high ambition.

Should you want to go to the mountains for very long rides, gather cattle day after day, work in the corrals roping and branding–you would not need a string of horses–just use one of these every day and they will be there every time for you.

The amount of show ring performance ability varies with each individual as it does with every breed of horse. We have one Spanish horse that this panel synthesized the latest studies recommend adding a second five weeks, one day, buy estrace without prescription the researchers were able to reduce  shows as much or more reined cow horse talent as any of the other horses we have or have shown in the past.

The greatest thing I find with the Spanish horse is his desire to bond with you. No meanness ever, no aggressiveness to people ever, extremely kind and at the same time very aware of everything that goes on buy prednisone overnight delivery generic prednisone 10mg order prednisone for miles around them.

Gary Long Performance Horses

For more information about Heritage Discovery Center/Rancho Del Sueno or to support the indian viagra tablets names, trusted pharmacy cpm, canadian on line pharmcay hydroxyzine. buy fluoxetine online no prescription- india finpecia price? preservation of the Cruce Colonial Spanish Horse, visit and contact Robin Collins at


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