Rebecca Hart Finishes European Tour With Three Top Finishes at CPEDI3* Hartpury Festival of Dressage

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Hartpury, England – July 15, 2015 – Rebecca Hart and Schroeter’s 

Romani continue to succeed on their whirlwind European tour, proving

nothing will stand in their way on the road to the 2016 Olympics in Rio

de Janeiro. The duo gave it their all to finish third Friday in the Grade II

Freestyle at the CPEDI3* Hartpury Festival of Dressage in England with a

score of 73.95 percent.


Hart will conclude her successful visit to England with top ribbons in

each test: a team test score of 72.706 percent for the win on the opening

day, and the individual test score of 71.409 percent earning her a strong

second as the first to ride down the center line. Hart narrowly missed the

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blue on the final day for the Freestyle, which was won by two-time Para-Olympic

gold medalist Natasha Baker with a score of 75.600 percent.


“It is very exciting to end our European tour with such great results, more

than I ever could have hoped for,” Hart described. “To hear our national

anthem played the opening day was a dream that I have always had, come

true. To have it played in England, at Hartpury, made it that much more

special. It is the first time I have ever heard it in European competition, and

it is such a huge honor to have my horse rise to the occasion for me. It was

really nice for me to give back to the people who have supported me; it was

nice to be able to share that moment with them. There has been a really nice

progression to have everything come into fruition from January during the CPEDI

in Wellington to now.”


Hart and Romani recently broke their personal records, riding to their first European

scores over 70 percent at the CPEDI3* Überherrn 2015. Hart just came off of a trio

of top finishes during the Mulhouse CPEDI3* in France two weeks prior to her exceptional

rides in Germany. She admitted that she is feeling more confident than ever before with

Schroeter’s Romani, the international competition, as well as the venues and atmosphere.


“I found it very interesting that Becca, over the three competitions, got better

and better. The more challenging the competitions and the better the horses,

the better she performed and she earned higher scores,” trainer Todd Flettrich

said. “Their success is accredited to both of them performing as a team. Romani

is a fantastic horse, she has a wonderful demeanor with quality gaits. They have

overcome their weaknesses, and the feeling that Becca has with the mare truly

shows, therefore they shine. I think she really stood out among all those other

horses in England with their harmony and their rapport.”


Rebecca Hart and Schroeter’s Romani concluded their European Tour with the first, second and third place finishes during the Hartpury Festival of Dressage. Photo By: Kevin Sparrow  

The Hartpury Festival of Dressage marked the final leg of Hart and Romani’s

European campaign, and the duo will return to the United States to continue

competing on the road to Rio.


Flettrich commented, “I am proud of Becca and the mare, both of them

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are fantastic. To have won in Great Britain, or anywhere, against a gold

medalist is a wonderful feat. We were the only other anthem played during

the awards ceremony on the opening day. The first day is the most difficult

day because of your nerves and settling into the environment. For me, to

win the first day is the most important. I was extremely proud. I wasn’t

proud just because she won. Becca made all the corrections we talked about

to improve the test. Our goal is Rio, we still have room for improvement, but

she is getting better and better every day-it is a journey.”


Hart would like to thank her generous sponsors, donors and owners who

helped her finance the European-tour. She gives all credit to those supporters,

especially Margaret Duprey and Cherry Knoll Farm, Sycamore Station Equine

Division, Barbara Summer, the Ruffolos, and Will and Sandy Kimmel, all part-

owners of Romani, attributing her success at the events, at an international

competition of such high-caliber and with a horse that understands Hart’s

rare progressive genetic disease, Familial Spastic Paraplegia (FSP), would

not be possible without them.


“I want to give a big thank you to Todd [Flettrich] for holding my hand through everything, as well as Hannah Hassinger for always making Romani look the best she can,” Hart concluded.


Hart’s name is a familiar one in the dressage sphere, earning the title of

National U.S. Paralympic Champion in 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010. She

competed last year at the World Equestrian Games for the United States

Equestrian Team, and has also shown in two Paralympics for the USA.

She now has her sights set on the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.


Hart returns to the United States on Tuesday, where she and Romani

will be based out of Wellington, Fla. They will prepare for the Nationals

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at the end of Septemeber in Texas and then return to Florida for the

final two qualifiers for Rio in January.

For more information on Rebecca Hart and Cherry Knoll Farm, please visit


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