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Written by: Alison King

Better accuracy means better marks, with Cara Whitham.

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With FEI 5* judging credentials in both dressage and eventing, few officials in the world are more qualified to evaluate a dressage test than Canada’s Cara Whitham of Stoney Creek, ON.
And according to Whitham, focusing on accuracy in the test is good way to not only maximize your scores in the show ring, but to improve your skills as a rider.

“Accuracy, when ridden in a fluid, harmonious manner, shows that a horse is completely on the rider’s aids and in good self-carriage,” Whitham says. “The diflucan category acquire diflucan rider has full control of where they want to go, at what speed or power, and where they want to perform specific lines and transitions. Remember, each movement is first evaluated by the Training Scale; only if this is correctly presented can accuracy then be evaluated.”

Whitham says problems may stem from a lack of good education on how to ride the movements correctly, as well as a lack of mental focus from the rider. The correct use of the riders’ eyes (look where you are going!) is also a factor. She points to several movements in which many buy dapoxetine online now no prescription dapoxetine . men’s health. jcb, cheap prices, pets, diners. riders struggle:

  • The entry and finish on centreline to a balanced, straight, square halt (usually) at X, followed by a prompt, straight, and smooth transition out.
  • The half-pass, which tends to have a lack of preparation before and often finishes much too early.
  • At lower levels in the “stretching” circle, often the horse does not stretch forward and down, and/or the circle becomes an “interesting” shape.
  • At all levels there is a lack of correctly-ridden corners.

“In order to become accurate, riders must be relaxed, confident, and clear online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine usa. top offering, dapoxetine cheap uk. in their mind about each movement and the entire test,” Whitham says. “If riders are struggling with actually performing a movement, they can’t also focus on accuracy.”

Try this at home

  • Have your coach stand at C and a friend stand at E or B.
  • Ride up the centre line in rising trot. As you enter the arena at A, count a step each time you sit.
  • Once you think you’re exactly at X, stop counting, but keep trotting. Ask your friend or coach if you were on X when you stopped counting.
  • Establish the number you counted to X, then repeat this exercise several times. If you are successful in counting the same number, you have established your horse’s rhythm (the first step of the Training Scale).
  • Try asking the horse to halt on the last number. In Training Level you should prepare the transition on the third- or fourth-last count. At higher levels, preparation should be on the third- or second-last count.
  • Once halted, let horse settle. If it is not square or straight, do not fuss; focus on immobility.
  • Transition to trot. Keep your eyes on the top of your coach’s head throughout to ensure you’re looking where you are going and to give you a line to ride towards.
  • Your friend says “good,” or “too early,” or “too late” each time you halt. Your coach says “ride at me,” or “look at me” if you start to drift.
  • Don’t look sideways at E or B. The movement of your head travels through the spine to your seat and the horse feels the change in balance.
  • This exercise can also be performed in canter.
  • Quick tip: Transitions should occur when the rider’s body is at the letter

Every time you ride a centreline at home or competition, count the strides as you enter and you will be surprised how your baclofen online without a prescription cheapest prices. canadian pharmacy no rx buy baclofen online cheap baclofen online canada no prescription accuracy improves!



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