Rollkur or Hyperflexion? From Jane Savoie

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Rollkur or hyperflexion of the horse’s neck is achieved through aggressive force and is
banned by the FEI because of the pain it causes.

Riding “deep” is a completely different ball game. prozac ( fluoxetine ) 10mg/20mg/40mg/60mg – low prices and discounts fluoxetine from canada – purchase fluoxetine legal visa – fluoxetine treat breast 

Take a look at the neck of the horse in the following pictures. The first shows propecia reddit cheap propecia a neck in rollkur. Rollkur is a painful, brutal position.


The next two pictures show Moshi being ridden “deep”. The buy zoloft online, buy sertraline 50mg online, buy sertraline united states. neck is forward and down and the throatlatch is open. The horse is very comfortable in this position, and it is the ideal shape for building the bridge from back to front.

Riding Deep

In How To Build Your buy cheap generic baclofen online without prescription jun 4, 2014 – note: although every drug has a ” generic name” this does not mean brand name(s):  Horse’s Topline, you’ll learn exactly what to do to ask your horse to carry himself in this shape.

Enjoy the journey!

Jane Savoie

P.S. I just have a couple more things to do to finish loading the videos, but I should be ready to go in a day or two. Keep your eye on your inbox.


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