South Florida Dressage Shows’ New Tactic….Monopoly?

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Loxahatchee, Florida, Feb. 24, 2014

Written by Sharon Packer



Ingred Lin founder of the Welcome Back to White Fences Show order geodon 80 mg online flooded facilities to online mg with where mg/60 buy 100 fluoxetine viagra if your facility with where buy to mg online mg/60 viagra purchase fucidin Series. (Photo Credit: Sharon Packer)

In 2011, a decision by the U.S. Equestrian Federation to license two dressage competitions less than one mile apart on the same weekend in South Florida  triggered sharp criticism from show managers and riders alike.  An admission by the federation stated that “the outcome has not been desirable.”  But the precedent was set.

The two simultaneous competitions were for the weekend of Mar. 26-27, at the end of the winter dressage circuit in Palm Beach County.

The competition dates at issue were originally licensed by the USEF to Welcome Back to White Fences for two one-day shows on Mar. 26 and 27.

CDIs are exempt from the mileage rule.  So, why not add a National show during the CDI while they’re at it?  After the award of the CDI dates to the International Horse Sport competition under the license of Wellington Classic Dressage, another rule was applied that stated that the USEF Executive Committee has the option to exempt from the mileage rule a national competition held in conjunction with a CDI.  Taking full advantage of exempting the 75-mile distance rule is now common practice in Palm Beach buy cheap prednisone online without prescription can you buy prednisone in mexico – prednisone no prescription how much does prednisone cost with  County shows, not the exception.

The USEF stated in response to questions from Ken Braddick in 2011, “In addition to the fact that a CDI is exempted from the mileage rule, the National Dressage Committee felt, at the time, that the CDI would not have a too great impact on the WBTWF show.”

From what I have observed, running a CDI on simultaneous weekends does not seem to harm the number of rides for the nationally rated shows.  But how can anyone justify making exceptions to the 75 mile distance required between two National Shows running on the same dates?  If one goes by the 2011 USEF guidelines, the distance requirement in Region 3 is 100 miles. White Fences ceftin yeast infection generic ceftin Equestrian Estates has held licensed National Show dates for the past 9 years.  The show series originated as the dream of Ingred Lin with the help of her son, Adam Pollak.  Ingred insisted the shows were fashioned after a family reunion.  She offered lots of great prizes, free breakfast, lunch, soft drinks, coffee, water, and great deserts.  The cost of showing had to be affordable for all.   After Ingred’s death December, 18th 2009, the shows continued under the direction of her son, Adam Pollak, who adhered to Ingred’s dream of a stress free, fun show atmosphere.  Adam was 23 years old when he inherited the joy and the arduous tasks of managing horse shows.

The show grounds are like none other in South Florida.  Show grounds are huge with lots of grassy area for hand grazing.  Five rings have exceptional GGT Footing. The psychological atmosphere is reminiscent of a family reunion in which all family members are truly happy to see each other.

This past weekend, Adam Pollak held his enormously popular Welcome Back to White Fences I.  In keeping with the new spirit of Palm Beach County show practices, The Adequan Global Dressage Festival ran its Nation’s Cup CDI AND a National Show over the show dates which were first licensed to White Fences Equestrian Center 9 years ago.

As if that is not enough, it is alleged that a petition, again from Wellington Classic Dressage, before USEF to revoke White Fences Equestrian Center’s Friday show date for Welcome Back to White Fences II & III to be held the third weekend in March by attempting to reinstate the same 75 mile distance regulation they successfully had excused!  WCD originally buy advair diskus cheap advair diskus delivery system purchase fluticasone owned the Friday date, but it was since licensed to Adam Pollak by USEF.   As of today at 6:30, USEF reinstated the Friday show date of March 21st, 2014 to White Fences Equestrian Center for its Welcome Back to White Fences II & II Show.  It is my understanding that Adam will need to petition WCD to use the show date in the further, though he continues to hold a license for the date.

White Fences Equestrian Estate has served the dressage community for over 30 years as the original show grounds for the Palm Beach Derby.  How quickly history and loyalty are forgotten when it comes to control and the desire for a monopoly.  Competition is  good. But using political weight,  financial advantage to take aim at destroying the competition is reprehensible.   USEF opened this door and made for an untenable situation in which a huge CDI plus an added National venue is now in competition on the same dates as a small, family friendly national venue.  It is up to USEF to review the situation and make decisions which are in the best interest of the competitors and the sport.

In response to the post of the petition below, John Flanagan states:

” There was never a complaint (filed or otherwise) from Noreen buy estrace cream cheap. estradiol 50 tts 75 test estradiol zoloft withdrawal 3 months estradiol level is 97 buy gestodene ethinyl estradiol in india. estradiol no O’Sullivan to USEF. She responded to correspondence from USEF related to a date conflict. Adam (Pollak) never had the permission from Wellington Classic to run his show on our Friday date…he was illegally given permission in 2013. We granted Global back in September 2013 as part of a joint agreement, permission to run a national show for 2014. This had nothing to do with IHS, Lars, Ed or  Gold Coast Dressage. This was an issue with USEF, and was the reason why Adam had to file an exemption…which in fact you published.”

Okay, USDF, come in please and fix this mess.  It is not necessary for show managers to be pitted against each other if there were clear guidelines from their licensing body.  Just because USEF can waive the 75 mile distance requirement between two national shows on the same dates, does not mean it should.  Let’s urge USEF to think about what is in the best interest of the competitors as well as show managers.


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