KYB Dressage Shines in the Show Ring and In Equine Theatre!

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(Photo Credit:Cindy Evans). Maple Park, IL—January 6, 2014—With the New Year already underway, the writer, producer and cast of THE SPIRIT OF THE HORSE are anticipating an expanded and promising future for the production in 2014.

The show tells a magical holiday-themed story on horseback with orphans and villains, reining, dressage and liberty work, all in an hour-long production that has delighted audiences of all ages.

In November 2013, the company took SPIRIT to Lexington, KY for a two-night performance at the Alltech Arena in the spectacular Kentucky Horse Park.  Over 3000 people—including families from the region and as far away as Canada, Michigan and Indiana, as well as the Governor and First Lady of Kentucky—came to watch the equine extravaganza and overwhelmingly applauded it as a unique and charming holiday tradition and a “must see” for the entire family.

That sentiment was expressed over and over by the good people of Kentucky.  “We drove up from Nashville last Saturday to attend the Spirit of the Horse show,” said Carolyn Flajnik. “We were enchanted and totally enjoyed every minute of the production…Thank you very much for offering this holiday event. I sincerely hope you will host the show again next year. 

Capturing all the elements of an impressive Broadway musical, the SPIRIT OF THE HORSE has one component rarely if ever seen on a Broadway stage—18 high-level Dressage/Performance horses ridden by championship riders at the highest level in their sport.  Among them is Yvonne Barteau, a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist and an FEI Trainer and Rider who has trained a dozen horses to the Grand Prix level.  Her mount is GP Raymeister, three-time USEF HOY.

Yvonne’s husband and business partner Kim Barteau displays his enormous talents as a “Liberty” trainer with his equine partner and huge crowd-pleaser GP Boater.  They have shown across the country to rave reviews and appear in SPIRIT as the Master of the House and his stallion.

Also appearing in the show was Dan James, the well-known Australian of Double Dan Horsemanship who dapoxetine working time dapoxetine blog buy dapoxetine played the “villain” in a way no other equine performer could manage.  Fire and frenzy highlighted his extraordinary riding style.

“What makes our show unique are the multi-talented horses that give audiences a spectacular performance every time, be it in a show like SPIRIT or in a Dressage arena,” says Yvonne Barteau, the author of the script.  “It’s rare that you find horses like the ones you see in this production—horses that give their hearts in every step they take. These are the true stars of THE SPIRIT OF THE HORSE. It is they who inspired me from the outset to write this story.”

In addition to THE SPIRIT OF THE HORSE, the production company is busy preparing new shows in 2014 including ALL THE KING’S HORSEMEN also written by Yvonne Barteau. Plans are to expand its lineup each year with new and memorable equine theater for audiences all across the country.  •   •   •

The Barteaus dec 27, 2011 – buy prednisone online india people on prednisone does deltasone needs prescription how to order deltasone online without prescription have been featured as the Finale for the Mane Event at USA’s Equitana in Louisville KY, have performed at Madison Square Gardens, The TODAY Show, Equine Affair’s Pfizer Fantasia and many other locations.

KYB has performed bridle less Grand Prix Exhibitions, Liberty performances with two of purchase hydroxyzine online, purchase atarax online, buy atarax online, generic hydroxyzine, generic atarax, hydroxyzine mg, hydroxyzine online. Walter Farley’s Black Stallions, Quadrilles and Pas de Deux’s. Both Kim and Yvonne were trainers and featured performers for years at the Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre in Orlando Florida.

In an interview with Sharon Packer,  Yvonne Barteau shared:

“Each Theater type production I want to bring to life in the future will be based on a short story that I have written and these will eventually become a series. I have the Spirit of the Horse already as a soft cover book.  The director of the Horse Park, John Nichols said he had never had such a good program for any event there and they loved the show. I fell in love with all of the Walter Farley books when I was a kid, and they were the reason I became a horse trainer in the first place.  I want to get this new generation of children young and old interested in the magic that proper equine theater can bring and also even non-horse people to be entertained in a quality style as well.  With the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater where Kim worked for ten years as the Head trainer and I worked for over five as the Principle Trainer and Director of Entertainment Operations closing its doors, I am more enthusiastic than ever about bringing these stories to life.”


(Photo Credit: Fire and Earth)

Please enjoy these photos from their performance at Dressage at Devon 2009.  (Photo Credit: Sharon Packer)

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