Succeed/USDF Trainers Conference 2014 with Steffen Peters and Scott Hassler: All 16 Training Session Now Playing on

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The Succeed/USDF Trainers Conference 2014 held in Florida this past January was one of the most celebrated live educational dressage events for 2014. Steffen Peters and Scott Hassler were the feature clinicians presenting and the USDF enjoyed a huge turn out of over 350 people from across the nation. It was a wonderful gathering and one that is to be seen over and over again on video. All 16 training video sessions are now playing on

The article printed in the April 2014 issue of the USDF Connection magazine advair diskus online pharmacy best price advair diskus 250 50 order Flonase by Editor Jennifer O. Bryant explained important points which we would like to quote.

“Dressage is so simple yet so complex. The classical training principals- the pyramid of training and so on – are not that difficult to comprehend. Yet they are so hard to execute correctly that we keep coming back, year after year, generation after generation, to learn from masters who all keep saying more of less the same thing. And Judging by the large conference turn out – 337 registrants, up from just under 300 last may 14, 2012 – please use the can i buy baclofen online following buttons below to share the post that you are reading with the can i buy baclofen online year – we never get bored.” Jennifer O. Bryant / USDF Connection Magazine.” Jennifer O. Bryant

Well said Jennifer, to that, if we may add, Dressage is an ongoing pursuit of buy levitra online no prescription required. purchase levitra (vardenafil) learning, adjusting and readjusting with the goal of being more successful in mastering our relationship with our own bodies and with our horses. This is what it is really all about. Why do we strive to learn more, understand more with the hope of performing better while riding our horses. We do it to satisfy our dedication to improve ourselves, as educated dressage riders, so that our horses can benefit a better and happier existence being under our supervision. The more educated we become, the better chances our horses will have to become happy performing athletes.

Jennifer O. Bryant, a brilliant dressage writer and editor in our opinion, continues to say…”Peters’ and Hassler’s standards are high – and almost certainly stricter than your own (or mine, so please don’t take offense). Watch these men in action for a while and you will become painfully conscious of what Peters buy cialis online no prescription required:cialis buy,super cialis online,soft cialis call the compromises we make with our horses, or our willingness to “kick the can down the road,” as he puts it. You will become acutely aware of whatever rationalizations, sloppiness, laziness or impatience creeps into your daily training Andre you will be reminded that salvation is not to the latest gizmo or gadget, It is to be found within your own body and your own brain.”

How true it all is and thank you Jennifer O. Bryant for bringing these words to us.

Watching this series of training videos by Steffen Peters and Scot Hassler is truly experiencing Dressage Education in its highest form delivered by two gentlemen online canadian pharmacy store ! cialis dapoxetine online . cheapest rates, superdrug pharmacy cialis. who have true depth and knowledge about the training of dressage horses. It is part of our responsibility as dressage riders to see and study these online training videos which is the next best thing to being there. There are 16 separate 45 min training video playing right now (I Want to See the Videos NOW) and we suggest that you watch at least 4 or 5 sessions so as to understand the theory and approach as well as the psychology Steffen and Scot apply.

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