The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy

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An intense first week and the show goes on!

Ten days into the Games, the Normandie 2014 Organising Committee sums up the high points, facts and figures that have marked the event so far.

Competitions presented to the equestrian family at the expected international level.

No fewer than five world championships and one demonstration sport were played out in the first week of the Normandy 2014 edition of the Games. They took place at six different competition sites: the d’Ornano Stadium, Parc des Expositions and La Prairie racecourse in Caen, Le Pin National Stud (Orne region), the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and Pôle Hippique in Saint-Lô (Manche region). The organizing teams (officials, Organising Committee, volunteers and service providers) maintained a cracking pace to ensure the best possible service, assembling and dismantling sites, welcoming the public, the athletes and the horses, managing teams, including volunteers and veterinary services…

The initial feedback from the athletes is positive, confirming the favourable impressions from the preliminary events in 2012 and 2013. They appreciated the atmosphere and proximity of the crowds, especially at Le Pin National Stud and the d’Ornano Stadium, where the encouragement from the public proved inspiring for both riders and their horses. They’ve shared their appreciation with the Sports Department within the Organising Committee; an encouraging sign for the next stage of events.

The equestrian family also shared their sorrow and expressed their solidarity with the two athletes affected by the accidental deaths of hydroxyzine ; sold as vistaril, atarax) is a first-generation antihistamine purchase atarax their horses.

The week’s major meetings

As is the case at the Olympic Games, the World Equestrian Games in Normandy are taking place at ‘multiple sites’, including two ‘open’ sites, the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel for the Endurance and Le Pin National Stud for the Eventing.

The Endurance event in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel was somewhat hindered by the weather conditions of recent weeks. Nonetheless, the organising team delivered a competition at the expected international level. Particular emphasis was placed on the well-being of the horses prior to and during the event, under the watchful eye of the veterinary teams. In addition to the 5,500 spectators in Sartilly, several thousand more flocked to the sites open to the public (coastal and racetrack in the Bay).

The Dressage and Cross-Country competitions in the Eventing were fully booked at Le Pin National Stud : 22,600 spectators watched the Dressage and 50,000 followed Cross-Country on Saturday 30 August. Le Pin’s arena demonstrated that it was perfect venue for hosting sporting events of this calibre. Despite the poor weather of previous days, the quality of the track was particularly appreciated by the competitors. All the meadow car parks were open from 06:30am, accommodating a steady flow of 14,500 vehicles and 120 coaches. Significant work went into preserving and preparing them for heavy use on the day. Despite the best efforts and good will of all, traffic became significantly congested from 09:30am with the journey time to reach the site ranging from 1hr15 to 3hrs.

The Organising Committee regrets the amount of time it took for some spectators to access the site.

The public out in force

During the first week, spectator figures matched the forecasts, further encouraging the organisers and the athletes from participating nations:

There was not a single spare seat at the d’Ornano Stadium for the opening ceremony (20,000 seats),
unprecedented crowds attended the Dressage compared with previous editions of the World Equestrian Games (83,000 spectators over 4 days),
there was a full house and a crazy atmosphere at the Reining (14,000 spectators),
grandstands gradually filled in the Para-Dressage after a rainy start and a concerted effort to publicize the event (seats/extra days allocated at the ticket office),
the Horse-Ball event proved an undeniable success(8,600 spectators), confirming, Saint-Lô in France’s Manche region as one of the sport’s kingdoms,
the Eventing was packed to maximum capacity with some 94,600 spectators (22,600 for Dressage, 50,000 for Cross-Country and 20,000 for Jumping),
Ultimately: 246,700 spectators enjoyed the Games during the first week (not including the Village).

In terms of ticket sales for the entire Games’, the 540,000 ticket mark was passed midway through the week.

The accommodation and transport service for the public and those with accreditation for the event (28,000 nights in a hotel room during August for the latter section alone) is running according to plan with no unforeseen deficits or saturation reported by the professionals closely associated with the campaign. Indeed, solutions were found to quickly reopen the Beaulieu park and ride (West Caen), which had been unavailable for 3 days because of the exceptional weather conditions. The system for park and ride + free shuttles from the Equestrian Arc has been running at full capacity in Caen with 60,000 persons transported (an average of 7,000 a day).

The festive programme rolls out

The opening ceremony orchestrated by Skertzo gained unanimous international praise. This sensitive and universal creation was perfectly tailored to the event, winning over a public of novices and practising equestrians alike. In the same vein, the opening of the Games Village began well during the first weekend (15,000 visitors). Impetus was slowed somewhat by the wet weather, before reaching a cruising speed by the end of the week (20,000 visitors on Sunday). The Organising Committee launched a new offer on 28 August entitled “Happy Lunch”, comprising free access for all to the Village before 2pm (within a limit of 3,000 places), enabling visitors to sample its delights from first thing in the morning via the numerous catering outlets. Access ‘at will’ means that those with a ticket for a competition can enjoy the Village everyday.

The 100,000th visitor entered the Games Village on Sunday. The objectives communicated to exhibitors are on track. The favourable weather forecasts for the coming week and the grouping together of the competitions in a single venue, namely the city of Caen, are likely to give a further boost to visitor numbers. A full analysis will be made at the end of the Games.

The Alltech Music Festival dapoxetine 60 mg online buy , dapoxetine online pharmacy england, dapoxetine no prescription uk, buy dapoxetine with american express, dapoxetine pill  concerts have enjoyed a variety of crowd sizes (from 2,000 to 6,000 per evening). Communication has been boosted to facilitate access and encourage even more spectators in time for the arrival of Aloe Blacc and Louis Bertignac.

Following the success of the ceremonies on 6 June 2014, a new international media window is opening on Normandy and equestrian sport

The televised images and photo reports worthy of the finest sporting events are showcasing the performances of extraordinary athletes on truly exceptional at our trusted international pharmacy you can buy cheap zoloft online . high quality and fast delivery of zoloft without prescription guaranteed. the rapid speed of  sites, as well as the ‘Olympic’ atmosphere of the d’Ornano Stadium and the Parc des Expositions.

The Games are being followed around the world thanks to coverage from some 200 television channels and web TV. All the French channels, as well as the numerous national overseas channels have chosen to share the emotion of the Games via a host of sports reports, as well as special features from behind the scenes at the event, festivities and entertainment.

The Games’ website is also attracting readers with some 750,000 unique visitors (1.6-million sessions), 35% of whom are French and 65% international. These figures don’t yet include the number of visitors to the FEI and Alltech websites. The mobile application has been downloaded by 60,000 smartphone users, who use it to follow the events live. There are also scores purchase lioresal online, order lioresal, lioresal intrathecal, buy baclofen , buy phytinic acid, both cheap lioresal cnnstituents being therapeu- tically active. of followers on the social networks (182,600 Facebook fans, 25,000 tweets with the official hashtags #JEM2014 and #WEG2014)

Copyright : PSV Photos or Sindy Thomas

Endurance Mont Saint-Michel

Charlotte Dujardin

Atmosphere – d’Ornano Stadium

Opening ceremony


Not to be missed this week!

The athlete-horse pairings in the Jumping are in today’s warm-up at the d’Ornano Stadium. One of 3 Olympic events and the most popular equestrian competition in the world, the jumping will fill the stadium’s grandstands for 5 days through until the Final 4, an original feature unique to the World Championship.

In just 48 hours, the Prairie racetrack has changed decor to accommodate the horses for the Driving competition. The 4-horse triathlon will surround Caen with a marathon on Saturday in front of 15,000 spectators.

The Vaulting competition is apr 4, 2013 – one problem is that reconcile is somewhat expensive and finds itself in competition with off extra-label generic fluoxetine . for the purposes of  awaiting its share of enthusiasts, along with a host of inquisitive souls keen to discover the round and almost cosy arena of the Caen Zénith in the Parc des Expositions.

The Polo demonstration will run for an afternoon at the Deauville racetrack, where it has long been a tradition.

The programme will once again round off with a spectacle conducted by Skertzo, on Sunday 7 September, after the Final 4 in the Showjumping competition (grouped ticket).


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