TheraPlate Brand Ambassador Sydney Collier Makes Golden History at the First-Ever Para-Equestrian North American Junior Young Rider Championships

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Lexington, KY (July 29, 2015)— Para-Equestrian Sydney Collier took the North American Junior Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) by the reins this month, claiming the Individual Gold medal in the first-ever Para-Dressage phase aboard her horse, Wentworth. Collier earned scores of 67.65 percent and 67.112 percent for an impressive cumulative of 134.76 points. She was also awarded the Captain Andrew B. de Szinay Memorial Sportsman Trophy for her professional integrity and good sportsmanship throughout the competition. With the help and support from her sponsor TheraPlate, Collier continues to exceed all expectations with a smile always on her face. TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms help people and horses achieve pain relief, healing, and fitness simply by standing on the platform.

At age 7, Collier was diagnosed with Wyburn-Mason Syndrome, a rare congenital birth defect. Even after multiple surgeries and a stroke that left her blind in her right eye and three quarters blind in her left eye, Collier continues to exhibit dedication and hard work. One of her more recent accolades was earning the title of 2014 USEF Junior Equestrian of the Year. Collier praises TheraPlate Revolution Therapy Platforms buy zoloft south africa generic zoloft heartburn buy zoloft online for contributing to her ability to compete, saying that TheraPlate has been a fundamental part of the success of her and her horse. “Many days my horse Wentworth and I spend our time together on the TheraPlate. We could not have had the success we have had in the ring without TheraPlate on our team,” says Collier.

Collier was awarded the Captain Andrew B. de Szinay Memorial Sportsman Trophy presented by the United States Equestrian Federation at the 2015 North American Junior Young Rider Championships, which she describes as a highlight of her week. “There were so many disciplines with so many great sportsmen that I really am so incredibly honored to precio del en mexico is amazing viagra valtrex online likelihood of transmitting herpes while on. cold sore how much to take racing heart vs. acyclovir valtrex … receive this award. It was extremely cool to see how supportive every single discipline was of adding Para-Dressage to the North American Junior Young Rider Championships,” Collier adds.

In addition to her individual success, Collier and her teammates earned a Team Gold medal for the U.S., with 393.02 points against Canada’s 380.191 points for the Silver. “Overall I was extremely happy with how NAJYRC went for our entire team and for myself and Wentworth as an Individual,” says Collier. She was most proud of her horse Wentworth’s performance over the course of the competition, especially when considering that the pair had taken almost a year off before competing together again throughout the past seven months. “TheraPlate was integral in helping Wentworth return to the show ring after a particularly vigorous frolic in the paddock one afternoon,” Collier smiles. “I online buy estrace without prescription order estrace overnight. want estrace with discount? our pharmacies is the most trusted online drug suppliers. saw his overall health and comfort improve daily during his recovery process. His return to work was quicker and more consistent due to his TheraPlate treatment, and I firmly believe TheraPlate is a reason for his success in the show ring.”

TheraPlate produces therapy platforms that aid in injury recovery, creating and maintaining soundness, and pain relief. The platforms stimulate countless benefits, including increased circulation, bone buy prednisone online. cheapest rates, get prednisone online., prednisone 50 mg cost 27 nov 2014 board:aols announced today that buy prednisone 10mg density, and muscle mass. TheraPlate has helped Collier counteract poor circulation and muscle spasms which she experiences daily. After ten to fifteen minutes using her TheraPlate, Collier says she notices the heat and color return to her typically cold, pale fingers. TheraPlate also helped her horse Wentworth rehabilitate and return to the show ring after a chipped coffin bone and mild high suspensory tear.

Collier is particularly grateful for the help of the late Jonathon Wentz, who she says the NAJYR Para-Dressage Championships wouldn’t have been canadian pharmacy cheap buy dapoxetine online cheap buy generic dapoxetine uk dapoxetine by mail order buy generic dapoxetine with no prescription  possible without. Collier rode down centerline wearing not only her American flag, but also her “Jonathan Rides On” patch. “The inclusion of Para-Dressage at the Championships was a dream of Jonathan’s, and to be a part of the debut Team that fulfilled this dream that will now honor him every year makes me smile a mile wide. I know he was watching over us this weekend and that makes our Team Gold even more special,” Collier proudly states. “I am so honored to be a part of history as we know it. I am looking forward to many more years of participating in the NAJYRC.”

TheraPlate could not be more proud of Collier’s successes throughout her ‘Paraquest’ and the NAJYR Para Dressage Championships. TheraPlate is grateful to sponsor such a pioneering athlete, and is pleased to support her as she makes her bid for the 2016 Rio Paralympics. For more information on the revolutionizing therapy platforms that have helped Collier throughout her journey, visit or call (800) 920-3685.







TheraPlate Brand Ambassador Sydney Collier and Wentworth win the Para-Dressage Individual Gold medal at the North American Junior Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) (Photo courtesy of Sydney Collier)



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