USDF Releases Videos for 2014 Trainers’ Conference with Steffen Peters and Scott Hassler

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In cooperation with the USDF 2014 Trainer’s Conference, all riding sessions are now available online on featuring Steffen Peters and Scott Hassler. A review of the conference follows with this article from the 2014 May Issue of USDF Connection magazine.

Reprinted amoxil online order amoxil generic amoxil 500 mg from USDF Connection Magazine April 2014 Issue:

In this fast-paced world, in which many people seem to propecia results timeline cheap propecia have the attention span of a gnat, folks get bored easily and are always looking for the next hot trend. Dressage, although it’s by nature a little slower-moving, can fall victim to the same problem: “flavor of the month” trainers, trends in equipment, even “in” bloodlines. So it might seem counterproductive that, for the 2014 Succeed/USDF FEI-Level Trainers’ Conference, the exact same clinician lineup and presentation format was planned. Been there, done that, right? If the clinicians in question are Steffen Peters and Scott Hassler, however, the conventional wisdom goes out the window.

Their 2013 conference was such a smash hit that the USDF decided not to mess with a good thing. The winning formula has proven to be golden, with attendance for 2014 up considerably over last year’s. About 300 trainers and riders flocked to Mary Anne McPhail’s High Meadow Farm in Loxahatchee, Florida, for day 1 of this 91 5ht1a will 200 mg of prozac kill you prozac 2 weeks pms 20 mg price uk. buy prozac online prozac costco prozac 90 mg hcl 80 mg buy online. prozac takes year’s conference. They were rewarded with perfect weather — sunny and 75 degrees — and demonstrations of perfectly wonderful riding and training by Peters, with commentary from Hassler.

As I watched the day’s demonstration horses, most of which Peters got on for part of the rides, I sighed to myself. I was here last year. I took copious notes and photos. I wrote a freakin’ magnum opus on the conference for USDF Connection. And yet here I was, going, “Oh yeah, I meant to do all of this stuff, and yet somehow I ordering zoloft online cheap zoloft no prescription can you order zoloft online zoloft prescription mg cheapest place to buy zoloft can i buy zoloft in canada let some of it get away from me.” I know, for example, that the horse must respond to a light leg aid. Peters can get a horse to passage and piaffe merely by, as he describes it, reaching down into his heels and gently applying his entire leg. No spurs, no whip, no kicking, no drawing back the leg or lifting the heel. Yet most horses do not respond thusly. So back to the dressage-training drawing board we go. We riders know these things intellectually, but somehow we let our horses sucker us into accepting less.

So, just like our beloved horses, we need the lesson repeated again and again, until it starts to sink in. Here’s another lesson I have evidently forgotten in the past year. Peters told welcome to our online pharmacy. you can buy cialis from us without visit of the doctor and recipe search. cheap generic drugs of the checked quality. free delivery … several of the demonstration riders to sit quietly. “It’s tempting to push with the seat,” he told one who was working on piaffe, “but it doesn’t work. The seat stays centered, but the gas pedal is the leg.” Sitting quietly and not having to bump-kick-bang-spur, of course, is a big part of the reason Peters is such a beautiful, elegant rider. Another part is his impeccable feel and timing of the aids.


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