WEG 2014, Day 2

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Nine zillion unbelievable pieces of horseflesh, close up, like Desperados, they all look amazing—larger than life, larger than power or spirit generic baclofen 25 no prescription. pain relief|muscle relaxant. cheap prices , mastercard, canadian pharmacy. or energy—they are all this and more. They fill every corner, every inch of every warm-up arena.

Some ridden better buy cialis online from an official certified pharmacy, overnight shipping, … than others of course…but the view is overwhelming.

Everywhere one looks, there are stars, both riders and horses.

Over here is a newly trim and lean Sjef Janssen, his focus swayed momentarily by Dutch Olympic rider Imke Bartels.
They are both here to coach other riders, and soon their focus turns back to the sand boxes.

Everyone is full of optimism, touched by the realization that they are here, in one of the most coveted arenas of all—the training sand boxes for a major international competition.
Sitting at one end is Kyra Kyrklund, she is helping …Patrik Kittel and Scandic. Patrik is highly focused, Scandic is working through the body, lifting off the ground with each hoof, his chestnut coat catches the sun.

At the other end of a different sandbox, the Germans are out in full force.

And it is only afterwards, I realize get your generic lioresal tablets in australia now even without prescription. you can know that you can buy lioresal – baclofen even without prescription. the amazing pirouettes the sun ruined in the photos belonged to Tina Konyot’s Calecto.

Despite the loss of several superstars, this is going to be a worthy and world level competition.


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