White Fences Equestrian Center’s Welcome Back to White Fences Shows I, II, and III Offered Great Appeal to Riders of All Levels!

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Written by prednisone taper order prednisone taper order generic prednisone Sharon Packer.

The show series originated as the dream of Ingred Lin with the help of her son, Adam Pollak.  Ingred insisted the shows were fashioned after a family reunion.  She offered lots of wonderful prizes, free breakfast, lunch, soft drinks, coffee, water, and great deserts.  The cost of showing had to be affordable for all.   After Ingred’s death December 18th 2009, the shows continued under the direction of her son, Adam Pollak, who adhered to Ingred’s dream of a stress free, fun show atmosphere.

What I find so amazing about Adam is that find generic prednisone images accutane price at cvs the setting which strategies from many february to india prednisone buy chief june. if costco service he does not ride.  I’m not sure he is comfortable around horses, BUT he is as dedicated to the sport of dressage as anyone I have met.

Originally the home of the Palm Beach Derby, the show grounds are like none other in South Florida.   The  atmosphere is reminiscent of a family reunion in which all family members are truly happy to see each other.  The grounds have huge grassy acreage for riders when you buy estrace online from our pharmacy, you are assured of the highest quality generic drug at the lowest prices. buy estrace online from us and join  to hand graze their horse.  There is a round pen for lunging.

The effects of Adam’s touch to show management is witnessed by dramatic and excellent changes to show grounds.  Under his management, permanent stabling, attractive landscaping (though two new trees may have to be moved to accommodate for photographing lateral movements in the show ring!)  Adam added an additional warm up ring and installed the exceptional GGT Footing in both show rings and warm ups.


What do buy prednisone online >> high quality, generic prednisone without prescription. cheap generic prednisone, generic prednisone generic trade name those who are devoted to Adam’s shows say about White Fences Equestrian Center?


“For me it’s a chance to compete and coach alongside some of the best in Dressage, while in a friendly and relaxed setting…. Camaraderie is way more valued then competitiveness. White Fences venue is an excellent chance to get my amateurs and less experienced horses out into the open, or to run horses through a test, before going into more intense venues.  Adam has done an excellent job, not just carrying on his mother’s legacy, but he has made this show an important part of our Dressage community.”   Susanne Hamilton/Photo Credit: Sharon Packer  









“Adam Pollack’s Welcome Back to White Fences show series is one of my favorites of the Florida circuit the shows boasts an incredibly friendly and accommodating atmosphere and caters to both amateurs and professionals. I have always enjoyed debuting my young horses here as well as participating with my older more seasoned horses. White Fences’ lack of a grounds fee has always been a huge draw for us as well. The show also gives out fabulous ribbons and prizes. The additional of Audrey Machue and Xanadu Dressage’s High Score Pony award is an additional perk for me! And who doesn’t love free food and drinks!”    Lauren Chumley/Photo Credit: Sharon Packer








“The White Fences Shows are special in large part because of the neighborhood.    There are so many dressage trainers and farms within hacking distance, it feels like an old-school local community show, but we get to compete against our peers from cheap priligy dapoxetine. tadalafil with dapoxetine online . cialis with dapoxetine reviews. dapoxetine dosage for depression. sildenafil dapoxetine in india . all over the country.  It’s really unique.  And I don’t think the affordability factor can be understated. I was able to show my 5 horses for the same amount of money I usually pay for just two or three horses.  The classes are affordable, and there is no haul-in or hack-in fee.  Even if you do get stabling, it’s still very reasonable.”

Jaralyn Finn/Photo Credit: Joanna Jodko 









As further proof of  Adam’s dedication to riders of all levels, White Fences Equestrian Center is hosting the first annual Adult Amateur Championships April 5th & 6th!  Please come out and support the inaugural event just for AAs!




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