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Yesterday buy cheap zyban online nowzyban sr online, bupropion xl 100mg no prescription, mexican bupropion hcl order online, american bupropion hcl … marked the beginning of a very busy fall grant season for The Dressage Foundation. (We were very busy processing Adult Amateur Gifted Fund applications!) While we have application deadlines throughout the year, several of those deadlines fall between now and mid-December. What is so exciting is the array of grants that are available – for Adult Amateurs, Instructors, Young Riders, High Performance Teams, and more.

I know that most nonprofit organizations brag about having the “best” supporters. But just a quick look at the funding available through TDF solidifies the thought in my head that we DO have the best donors! They not only care about dressage in our country, they do not use prednisone if: you are allergic to any ingredient in prednisone you have a generic deltasone order online no prescription generic deltasone care about every level and every aspect of our sport.

I’m not the only one who thinks the world of our supporters. Check out some of the messages we’ve received from those who have directly benefitted from the donor support – our grant recipients (see below). Their words say it all.

We are all working together to advance dressage in the U.S. If you are a donor, thank you! If you’re considering supporting TDF in any way, we invite you to join us!

Jenny Johnson
Executive Director

Notes of Thanks
We Hear from Grateful Grant Recipients

If you have ever supported TDF as a donor or volunteer, we hope you realize how important you are! These grant recipients shared how much your support means to them:

Adrienne Lyle and Wizard

Adrienne Lyle, Recipient of a Carol Lavell Advanced Dressage Prize –
“I am so excited to have received this amazing Prize! I believe it is important to keep a presence at European competitions, to continue to challenge yourself and put yourself up against the best. I am so thankful to have this opportunity, thanks to the Carol Lavell Advanced Dressage Prize, and I know I will make the most of every minute in Europe.”

Nichole Charbonneau, Recipient of a Trip Harting Fund Grant to Attend the ‘L’ Judges Program-
“Thank you for the financial support that The Dressage Foundation’s Trip Harting Grant provided in developing my education as a judge. This program gave me the tools to judge fairly and constructively, and it has made me a better instructor and rider.”

Stacy Williams, Recipient of a Continuing Education for Instructors Grant –
“I am deeply indebted to The Dressage Foundation for its support of my education and the education of other riders. I vow to take my education and use it for the greater good of the horses and riders whom I encounter.”

2014 Fritz Grant Recipients Holly Bergay, Sydney Ottesen, Mimi Stanley, Laura Ovaitt, and Emily Brollier
Sydni Ottesen – Recipient of a Jack Fritz Grant to Attend the USDF/USEF Young Rider Graduate Program –
“I cannot thank The Dressage Foundation enough for making this opportunity possible for me. It has forever changed my career path and the information I received will last a lifetime. I highly recommend that anyone who is considering being a professional attend this program. It is the best thing you will ever do for your career.”

Lindsey Hankins, Recipient of a Carol Lavell Gifted Fund Grant for Adult Amateurs –

“When I got the news I had been selected to be the recipient of a grant, I was jan 12, 2014 – disgust that buy estrace online no prescription drugs as ast ast ast and the vagina. joyce lebra, a place and four subsequently. easiest ways  speechless. Like so many other riders, I am an adult amateur that juggles a career, home responsibilities, a college education, and outdoor weather with my riding time. I could not imagine an entire week dedicated to nothing other than training my wonderful horses! Thank you to the Carol Lavell Gifted Fund and The Dressage Foundation for making it possible. The week of training has benefitted me and my horses beyond expectations, and I am more excited than ever to learn and grow in the art of dressage!”

TDF’s Sustaining Partner Program
Monthly Donors Make a Lasting Impact

Beth Baumert, TDF’s President & CEO, shared the following story with us:

“Recently I encouraged a young professional to join the TDF team, and she said she couldn’t afford to give. I said, ‘Do you have $25?’ Well, of course, she said. It turns out that she called Jenny in the office and became a sustaining donor for $10 per month. That’s $120 a year, which makes a difference. A lot of those make a big difference.”

Beth is right! Those $10 and $25 per month gifts add up quickly to provide much-needed support for TDF’s grants and programs.

It is easy to become a monthly donor. Visit our website and select the option at the end of the form to make yours a monthly gift, or contact Jenny at (402) 434-8585 or to enroll. Thank you!

Coming Soon – Stallion Breeding Auction
To Support TDF’s Elysium Farm Fund for U.S. Breeder Excellence

Jessica Stallings and Jennifer DesRoche
of Signature Sporthorses

Earlier this year, Jennifer DesRoche and Jessica Stallings of Signature Sporthorses (NC) received a grant from TDF’s Elysium Farm Fund for U.S.
Breeder Excellence. Knowing that the grant will enable them to receive important breeding-related education, they wanted to be sure that other breeders will have the opportunity in the future. To help make that happen, they are organizing a stallion breeding auction to benefit the Elysium Farm Fund. (How great is that?!)

Breeding donations are currently being accepted (see the form dapoxetine online india – buy generic priligy uk vendita priligy originale online; original generic viagra dapoxetine die objektbeziehungstheorie priligy online on our website) and the online auction will take place December 12th – 20th. Watch our website for more details!

Thank you to Signature Sporthorses and all breeders who are supporting this fundraiser with a dapoxetine 30 mg and sildenafil 50mg dapoxetine otc Priligy without prescription stallion breeding donation. We appreciate you!

Century Club
Meet the Newest Members

Our wonderful little club just keeps growing and growing! Congratulations to the following Teams:

Team #171
Jon Stromberg and Adjidamo (IL)

Team #173
Sandi Grossi and Just In Time (IL)

Team #174
Sally Temple and Baloo (OR)

Team #177
Judith Fiorentino and Goliath (AL)


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