Cesar Torrente –The First FEI 2* Judge Promoted To FEI 3* Through New FEI System

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more info about ` prednisone online no prescription canada `. price of prednisone in the philippines – buy prednisone for dogs cost of prednisone canada ; cost of  can you order zoloft online zoloft generic cost purchase zoloft Bogota, Columbia (May 28, 2013) – Columbian National Champion dressage rider Cesar Torrente is to become the first FEI 2* Judge promoted to FEI 3* through the new, and very rigorous FEI system.  Torrente has been working toward this honor for over 2 years by participating in the Education System for FEI Judges, which was established by the FEI in July 2010. This elaborate system, which has a prerequisite of showing at the FEI level, required Torrente to comply with Judges Seminars, Shadow-Judging, FEI Qualification Courses for his promotion, and Refresher Seminars to maintain his status; all while being supervised by the Dressage Committee and the FEI.  “It has been a very time consuming journey that has taken me to so many countries, seminars and courses,” Torrente says, “It has been a wonderful experience to sit and learn from the best judges in the world on different continents.  As a result, now I can judge up to Grand Prix level in FEI CDI’s and in National Competitions as well,” he adds.

Torrente has been described as the quintessential “rider’s judge.”  His compassion for the competitor comes from the fact that he is an active Adult Amateur rider in Colombia and also has vast experience competing at the international level, representing Team Columbia in the Pan Am Games and Central American Games on more than 4 occasions.  An attorney by profession, Torrente is committed to ethical judging and leaving the competitor with constructive remarks that will enable them to make improvements and encourage them to continue the never ending journey of dressage training.  “I believe that the new system is tough for getting buy female cialis best online pharmacy to buy cialis, that was why he appeared it the official promotion and also for maintaining your status,” Torrente says about his accomplishment, “but if you look at it closely, you may rest assured that everything is being done to ensure that the people sitting in the boxes and judging have the best credentials to do their jobs.  The sport needs it and the riders deserve it.”  He goes on to describe that in the new FEI system, International judges are divided into four categories: 2* Judges (new), 3* Judges (formerly International Candidate Judges), 4* Judges (formerly International Judges)  and 5* Judges (formerly Official International Judges).  Because he is from a country without a national judges program, Torrente had to start with the 2* program and make his way up before being promoted to 3*. “All this education strategy allows you to go to the course, and once you have passed the examinations during a qualification course, then you can act as Judge on that particular level after the official promotion dates,” he explains.  Torrente’s official promotion date is July 1, 2013.

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“Since I was 18 years old, when I took my indikasjoner:pruritus av forskjellig genese ved f.eks. urticaria og andre allergisk betingede dermatoser. psykosomatiske eller somatiske tilstander. buy atarax first dressage judges seminar with four-time Olympic Judge, Mr. Jaap Pot, I wanted to become a judge, but riding was always in the middle,” says Torrente about his life, “When I started this very serious program, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to be around the best dressage horse-rider combinations in the world, which is my life passion.  If at the same time, I can contribute with a fair and honest judging, which is ” all we dressage lovers want, I could not ask for more!”


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