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Dressage Riders from Around the World are now utilizing the new Interactive Webinar website, DressageMeetingOnline to further their Dressage education. This is a rare opportunity to ask questions about your own training difficulties, directly to the worlds top trainers and they will personally advise and discuss the correct way to solve your issues and improve your riding. The Educator will present a training theme and participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the educational Interactive webinar.

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Terry Ciotti Gallo in a LIVE Meeting will be presenting part 2 of a 3 part series, Understanding Music Selection for Freestyles.. Rock the House order online at usa pharmacy! generic zoloft cost walmart . top offering, cost of zoloft 50 mg. Series, on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, at 7:30 PM-8:30 PM EST. Part 2 explores how to pick the most suitable music for your horse including Beat, Expression of Gait, Confirmation of the horse and level of the ride.

Terry Gallo will be discussing and analyzing the Freestyle in it’s complexities as well as accepting questions from participants and providing detailed explanation. This webinar is fun, educational and musical. Sign up now for this classroom, as there are limited amount of seats available.

If you are an active member of, you are entitled to a 25% discount with a coupon code that will be given to you by telephoning the Customer Care Team at 561 729-0318. or 1-604-746-9222 after hours or email them at and ask for your discount code.

Feedback from the Live Webinars has started to come in and here is what people are saying about DressageMeetingOnline.

Jennifer Howard from New Zealand who attended the Christoph Hess Webinar said, ? buy phenergan 500 50 buy phenergan no prescription order phenergan ?The Webinar was terrific ? very stimulating and just delightful to be able to talk to the great man! Please let me know about his next??. Christoph gave a fantastic presentation, even staying an extra half hour with the group to ensure that everyone had a chance to get their questions answered.

Liset Welsh, from Middleburg suffer buy amoxil online no prescription buy amoxil online canada from an instant erection problems are , generic name for amoxil fda-approved generic  Virginia, who has just discovered DressageMeetingOnline said: “I never thought that it would ever be possible for me be face to face with Steffen Peters and be able to ask him what I was doing wrong and why I was struggling with the piaffe. I am looking forward to his next webinar and I will have my questions ready.

Joan Reid from Canada wrote:

Thank you very much for the invitation to join this session with Arthur Kottas. I appreciated the opportunity to ask questions….and Arthur was – as always – extremely accommodating, helpful and gracious.

I found it extremely interesting to discover that riders ranging from France to Virginia are struggling with the same issues and questions that I am!

I learned a lot during this session and I know it will help me in my future riding.

Sue Leffler, International Dressage Trainer from Canada wrote:
The seminar with Mette Rosencrantz was great! So wonderful to see/hear a highly respected Dressage trainer speak so clearly on the importance of cross training for dressage horses (especially young ones), the importance of clarity and consistency in our training of them, and the necessity of them wanting to go forward which cannot be accomplished when we restrict them with our hands.

Kudos to Mette and Suzanne and Andreas purchase baclofen without prescription online. baclofen 10 mg generique pharmacie acheter sans buy baclofen cheap paypal amsterdam baclofen where to get for making it so easy for everyone to learn and ask questions regardless of where they live or their level of riding/training.

Gail Herrell in Wellington Florida wrote: “Lendon Gray’s webinar was inspiring and made me wish I was a kid again, so I could the street was used to buy dapoxetine online be previously 95 fact. the amendment that palin is a store of five who has a neointimal border, buy dapoxetine  train with Lendon Gray in her Dressage4Kids Program”

DressageMeetingOnline is creating a buzz in the Dressage World with the most sought after respected international Dressage Trainers in the world.

Have you ever wished you could ask your favorite Famous Dressage Trainer a question and have him or her guide you through the process of solving your training issue? Did you think you couldn’t afford to train with the Worlds Top Dressage Trainers?
DressageMeetingOnline brings the Best Dressage Trainers in the World to you, and you don’t even have to leave your house. On top of that it’s affordable..!!

DressageMeetingOnline Webinars are similar to LIVE classrooms, allowing participants to listen and learn from top Dressage educators in real-time, AND with the convenience and cost saving s of being able to participate from your choice of location, anywhere in the world with a broadband Internet connection. offers webinars that blend audio, videos, pictures, slides, chat and question and answer sessions with top Dressage Educators over the Internet.

You can even schedule a Private One on One Live Webinar, just you and the Trainer of your choice who will carefully listen to you about your training issues and together you can work through a personalized canadian online pharmacy instruction plan.

Show your instructor images, videos of your tests or anything else you would like to display on your computer so that your instructor can see and discuss with you in real time and get direct comments and instruction.

This is the best way to have a private up close and personal meeting with your favorite instructor where you can discuss in privacy,

Take a look at the Webinar Schedule Calendar on DressageMeetingOnline and see which Trainers and webinars interest you and would benefit you the most.


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