Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships – Spectator’s Favourite Returns To Aussie Championships

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Fern Wright riding Kamber Pryderi
Photograph:Franz Venhaus
Scott Pollock, Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Like most equestrian sports, spectators love to see the new horse and rider combinations achieving impressive results, especially if they are not what most would consider the norm. Fern Wright and her Welsh Cob, Kamber Pryderi (also known as BB), are a great example of this. At the 2012 Australian Dressage Championships, Fern and Kamber Pryderi were crowned the Australian CDI Young Rider champions. Her performance was remembered by many, not just because of an excellent test but also because she was not onboard a flash moving warmblood but a cheeky chestnut cob with flowing feathers. I wondered how a rider must feel riding such a horse amongst what we call Performance Bred Dressage Horses? Fern’s response was perfect – a good horse is a good horse, isn’t it
It was in early 2006 that Fern and her brother Aengus started Kamber Pryderi under saddle. It was during this time that this impressive Welsh Cob got his nickname, BB. It originally stood for Beautiful Boy, Big Butt and blunderbus but now Fern assures me that those names have been forgotten and it is simply BB.
Fern is 19 years old and seems very grounded for such a young lady. “I come from a family without a background in horses, but of course, we’re all very horsy now. When I was 5, I was going to a school which had Shetland ponies, and I began learning to ride on them. I then did all the different disciplines at Pony Club and then went on to showing. It wasn’t till 2008 that I discovered dressage. I now reckon it’s the best sport there is.”
To compete at this level of dressage, it is imperative that you have a strong network of support. “My family is wonderful. My mother helps me heaps, taking me around everywhere- lessons, comps etc, she is also my groom and someone I can always talk to. My brother Aengus is also very enthusiastic about dressage – especially Freestyles, he’s helped me with all my freestyles. He’s very good at it! Then there’s my sister Skye who is dragged around the countryside to whatever competition we happen to be going to without complaint. Last but not least is my Dad, who looks after the farm while we’re away at comps. I think he enjoys the break from us!”
Although BB is the horse of the moment, Fern has another dressage horse in the wings and this time it is a warmblood gelding by Ferrero Rocher named Thorn. I had to ask why she had moved from a Welsh Cob to a warmblood. “Good question,” says Fern with a knowing smile that told me she had been asked this before. “Contrary to popular belief I never actually chose to do dressage on a welsh cob, it was more that I started doing dressage with the horse I had. Fortunately he turned out to be very talented but as I want to ride, train & compete many horses, I needed to find my next star. I wanted to try a nice conventional Warmblood after always being the odd one out. I can’t afford to get a highly trained horse, so I needed a young one, I now have a 3yo old filly (Elle) as well as my 5yo (Thorn), so hopefully I’m well set up for the future. I certainly haven’t turned my back on the Welsh Cobs, as my family breeds them & I break them in, if I find one that I think is really good, I will of course continue it on, in fact I have two super little 4yo ponies at home, which I’m having a lot of fun with.”
In Early September, Fern was selected to be part of the National Youth Development which is for riders aged between 16 and 25 who have shown potential to develop the traits required of an elite dressage competitor.  It’s always interesting how riders like Fern have developed their skills at such a young age. “I have a lot of help from my coach Glenda Hinchliffe for my general riding but otherwise I have derived my style from trial & error. I reckon it’s not just about how to train them but more importantly understanding them. I’ve worked on this for as long as I can remember. So for me, it’s not just about the training but also the partnership.”
At the 2013 Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships, Fern and BB will be competing in the two Young Rider competitions, hoping to retain their title. “Although it’s nice to win, my main goal is always to do the best we can.” Like most young riders, Fern has a lot of ambition. “I would love to train many horses up to Grand Prix and be the best rider & trainer I can – always hoping that I will one day be lucky enough to represent my beautiful country at an International Championship.”
If her recent results are any indication of what this young rider can achieve, then she may well eventually get to wear the Australian flag on her chest. We wish her all the best for the future!
Like a true professional, Fern, insisted on acknowledging her sponsors as they are integral not only to Fern herself but to the sport of Dressage. “A big thank you to Wyronga Park, Musikur and of course my Mum and Dad – they are all part of the team!” 
Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships – The Ones to Watch
The countdown to the 2013 Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships is upon us. As Australia’s best horse and rider combinations compete later this month – we have profiled two exciting, up and coming partnerships to watch out for at this year’s championships.
Years of hard work and dedication go into producing world class dressage horses. Going behind the scenes; we asked Lisa Martin and Kate Taylor-Wheat to outline their criteria for selecting and training a champion of tomorrow.                                        
Lisa Martin and First Famous.
 Where did you find First Famous?
We found First Famous in Germany at SL Sporthorses, we had looked at over 200 horses been to three countries and had been traveling for six weeks she was found four days out from leaving Europe .
What characteristics do you look for in a new/ young horse?
There are many things I look for in a young horse
• Temperament in the stable, yard etc. usually tells me what kind of temperament it’s going to have when riding it
• Conformation
• The feel of it when riding it, the horse should feel light and I like a motor not something you have to push each stride.
• One thing that I believe is very important is to take the horse out of its work area and hack it out to see how it’s going to react to different things, after all you will be taking it out at different comps. buy amoxil online, amoxicillin polska, amoxicillin r625.
What about First Famous stood out for you?
First Famous was not the biggest moving or the most educated, it was my gut feeling when I rode her and her amazing temperament but also the company we bought her from allowed me to spend a few days riding her and spending time with her this was important
To date, which achievements are you most proud of with First Famous?
Wining the NSW Elementary Champion, being selected for the Future Talent squad, and Equitana
What movements have you been working on in training lately?
I have started her FEI work and very soon will do a Med/ Advanced test
What do you like most about competing at The Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships/Sydney International Equestrian Centre?
After traveling for hours at a time to get to comps, training in dreadful weather, getting up with the chooks, all to hopefully qualify for the Australian dressage champs with the best riders in the country is fantastic and rewarding.
 Who are your mentors/which athletes/riders inspire you?
I have been very lucky to have one of the best in the business to advise me and guide me since I was 8 years old, I have been a student with Rozzie Ryan right from the days of being in the opening of the NSW Equestrian Centre at Lockinvar. Rozzie is an inspiration and a wonderful mentor she has shown me how to be very focused.
Do you have any supporters or sponsors you would like to thank?
My family is amazing, my husband Jason has supported me through thick and thin, my daughter Jessica has also put up with her mum doing so many comps. But my mum has shared a dream with me since I was a very small child, taking me all over Australia to comps , lessons twice a week and giving up so much for me, thank you for believing. Thank you also to my wonderful friends who help .Sponsors: family and Karina Pablo Freestyles.
In your opinion – which horse and rider combinations will be the ones to look out for at this year’s Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships
I think Qualifying for the Australia Championships is getting harder and harder each year the standard is becoming so high. Any combination competing at the Nationals has had to have amazing % as only 30-35 horse/ rider combination are selected so that leaves a very impressive group of competitors to watch
What’s in the future for you and First Famous?
In the near future we are looking at taking IN TIME and FIRST FAMOUS back to
Europe to prepare for the Olympics
 Kate Taylor-Wheat and Flowervale Florenz
 Where did you find Flowervale Florenz?
I bought Flowervale Florenz from Case Wientjens at ‘Flowervale Warmbloods’
What characteristics do you look for in a new/ young horse?
I like to buy horses when they were around 3 or 4 yrs. old. When looking at young horses, I like the horse to have a natural rhythm and balance in all three paces. Temperament is also important, as a good temperament makes my job a lot easier.
What about Flowervale Florenz stood out for you?
Florenz was unbroken when I saw him first on a video, he stood out as he had great rhythm and scope for a big young horse, he went in such an uphill balanced way, I had to go look at him. When I saw him in person, I really like the way he moved he had great ground cover and a big canter!
 To date, which achievements are you most proud of with Flowervale
Florenz did his first ever dressage test in Feb this year, he then went onto win his first 5 tests with great percentages!!! Every day I ride Florenz he surprises me with his ability and talent. Movements I thought he may have found hard, he has taken to like a pro!! Recently at the NSW Dressage Championships we took home ‘Reserve Novice Champion’ I was so proud of him at his first big show he was an absolute star.
What movements have you been working on in training lately?
He is nearly ready to go out Medium which is what we have been working on. Although as we head into Nationals, I back off the harder movements and just focus on keeping all the basics really grounded and keep his brain and body nice and fresh as he has had a really big year, the horses can all start to get a bit over dressage come the end of the year, so keeping them fit and happy is a priority.
What do you like most about competing at The Saddleworld Australian
Dressage Championships/Sydney International Equestrian Centre
Unfortunately due to illness I wasn’t able to compete at the Australian Championships last year. It was the first Australian Championships that I have missed since 2000! I really missed not being there as it’s a fantastic show where all Australia’s top riders and new and upcoming riders battle it out throughout all the levels of competition. I love the atmosphere these big shows attract it really makes you perform at your best.
Who are your mentors/which athletes/riders inspire you?
Anyone who has overcome challenges and obstacles life has thrown at them, to then keep striving forward to achieve their dreams are an inspiration to me. My coach Roger Fitzhardinge always knows how to get the best out of me and my horses; he has been an incredible support over the past few years in both the good and not so good times. Also without the amazing support of my family I would not be able to be doing what I do, they are up with me at 5am cleaning out boxes or feeding horses when needed or doing all the work so I can go away to teach my clinics!!
 Do you have any supporters or sponsors you would like to thank?
I would like to say a big Thank you to Brighton Saddlery, Vega Dressage Saddles, Kingsland Equestrian Wear and Rosehip Vital Equine for their wonderful support of me and my team.
In your opinion – which horse and rider combinations will be the ones to look out for at this year’sSaddleworld Australian Dressage
There are so many amazing riders and horses going to be competing at The 2013 Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships. I myself am interested in the Grand Prix class this year. We haven’t seen much of our top GP combinations this year, and with WEG just around the corner everyone will be starting to crank things up, so should be exciting to watch!
 What’s in the future for you and Flowervale Florenz?
If nothing else the past 2 years have taught me to enjoy every moment in life!!!So that’s what I’m going to do with Florenz and all my horses, I believe Florenz has the ability and talent to keep climbing through the levels. I am really excited about next year and beyond holds for me and my team.
 4 October 2013
Para-Equestrian Dressage Showcase at the Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships
The Venue:  Sydney International Equestrian Centre
The Dates:   23 -27 October 2013
Australian’s huge Australian Dressage Championships will for the first time include Riders with a Disability in the five Grades that make up Para Equestrian.  Fourteen riders and fifteen horses will compete on three days in the Team, Championship and Freestyle Tests.
Grade 1a is the most severely disabled and their Tests feature Walk only with Medium Walk and Free Walk for the Team Test and the Championship Test.
Grade 1b again has severe problems but they Trot and Walk.
Grade 11 is Trot and Walk but the Test movements are more advanced and in their Freestyle to Music Test the Canter can be used.
Grade III rides in a different size Arena, 20 x 60 metres and Dressage Lateral movements make their appearance in Trot and Canter.  Single flying changes are also allowed in the Freestyle to Music.  Totally Blind riders compete in this Grade.
Grade IV riders also compete in the large 20 x 60 Arena. It is often impossible to recognise the Disability in this Grade.  Partially Blind riders compete at this Grade.  Three and four time flying changes, as used in Advanced Dressage can be included in their Freestyle to Music.
Competitors from Victoria, NSW, South Australia and Queensland will be competing and a State Teams Competition will also be included.
Gold Medallist at the London Paralympic Games, Joann Formosa will be competing in Grade 1b, Worldwide PB is quite a star and has wonderful presence with his bright chestnut coat and white socks and blaze.  Joanne is from Victoria and Worldwide PB is a stallion  – we look forward to seeing more Worldwides as his foals are now up to 5 years old.
NSW State Champions are all competing at the Nationals – Hannah Dodd in Grade IV; Sui Watts in Grade III, Victoria Davies in Grade II. Victoria is riding a stunning dappled grey Stallion with plenty of personality.
Wednesday 23rd October starts the Championship for the Para Equestrian riders from 11 a.m. to 2.45 pm with all the 5 Grades on Show in the Team Test.
The best scores from the Team and Championship Test will finalise the Team winners.  To see these riders competing head to Arena 2 A.
Thursday 24th October and this is Championship Test day – known as the Grand Prix Test for Para Equestrian Riders at each Grade.  These tests are very difficult for these riders.  Time:  9.15 a.m. to 12.20 pm in Arena 2A.
Saturday 26th October is Freestyle to Music day in the large Arena 1a used for the Sydney Olympic Dressage and Para Equestrian Dressage Competition.
From 10.30 to 1.16 pm Para Equestrian riders can be seen using more difficult movements to music of their choice.  They design the test in the way that shows off their horse to its best advantage.  Dancing to music is the best description of the Freestyle.
As all competitions are outside, fingers crossed the weather is kind to the Championships with so many horses and riders heading to SIEC from all States.
4 October 2013
Plan your Visit to the Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships
No matter what your budget is, the Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships has a lot to offer. From the 23rd to the 27th October, the Sydney International Equestrian Centre becomes a playground for all those interested in horses.
Riders from across Australia have been working hard to qualify for the event and as a result, we the spectators, get to see the final product of years of dedication to what is known by some as the hardest equestrian sport.
You will get to see international competitors such as Rozzie and Heath Ryan, Brett Parbery, Mary Hanna, Matthew Dowsley, Maree Tomkinson, Jayden Brown, Judy Dierks and the list goes on. There’s also Para-Equestrian competitions with the likes of gold medal Paralympian, Joann Formosa, competing. What more could you ask for.
The event is designed so over the four days the competition gets fiercer with horse and rider combinations trying to achieve a personal best that will put them on the dais. There’s so much to see that it’s best to have a plan of attack that ensures you see all that is on offer.
The surrounds of the equestrian centre is like a parkland which means it is conducive to grab a coffee from one of the coffee carts, get a program and place yourself under one of the beautiful gum trees and plan the things you want to see. You can also get a draw of all the competitions from the web or pick up a programme booklet from the info stand at the entrance to the indoor arena. Ensure you have a pen to highlight all the horses you want to watch. Once you’ve done this, the rest is easy as you have just created a basic schedule for the day.
During your free time, the Trade Village which is set around the presentation area is always a great place to visit. With over thirty trade stalls showcasing their wares there’s always something to buy and usually plenty of bargains. Lets face it, there’s always something to add to your collection of horsy equipment – rugs, boots, DVDs, jewellery, supplements, jodhpurs, jackets, helmets, bits, bridles, saddles – I think I’ll stop there as the list is endless! Another good thing to remember is a number of these trade stalls are sponsors of this event which means your dollars are going towards supporting the Event Sponsors.
For those who like the comfort of good food and wine, you can buy a variety of tickets that will give you entry to the Top Spot Marquee which is situated at the short end of the indoor arena giving you the prefect view of many of the top competitions. These tickets offers you entry to the event for the day/s of purchase, access to the marquee at any time during the day; tea & coffee at any time; morning tea; lunch with wine; afternoon tea and a complimentary copy of the programme booklet. Please note, not all tickets include the Saturday evening dinner. These tickets would also make a great gift for a horsey friend.
As usual, Saturday night will be the highlight of the event with the Pessoa Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle taking centre stage. This is when the best of the best will ride their tests to music and WEG hopefuls will be aiming to post a strong score. At 6.30pm there will also be some great entertainment from one of Australia’s best horseman, Luke Thomas.
On the last day of the competition, the organisers, Dressage NSW, are cross promoting another event held in the Western Sydney Parklands – The Best from the West Food Festival. What a great way to finish your last day at the Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships. Just around the corner from the Sydney International Equestrian Centre you can experience the following:
• 35 fete stalls selling a large variety of food and beverages, covering South America, Dutch, Turkish, Filipino, Mexican, Chinese, Italian and Vegetarian, chocolates, gelato, wines, coffee, fine olive oils, fresh fruit juices etc.
• 5 celebrity chef cooking demonstrations led by Justine Schofield from Channel Ten.
• Two kid’s workshops running on the day, one is a Kid’s Pizza Making Workshop and the other is a Reverse Garbage Kid’s Workshop where kids can make fun things to wear from recycled materials.
• Entry is free to the public and there is free parking.

It’s pretty simple really – when you mix horses, shopping, elite riders, great food, wine and coffee; what do you get? … BLISS!
24 September 2013
Calling all clubs- it’s time to support your sport
Come the 23rd of October 2013 Australia’s most talented dressage riders will be competing at the 2013 Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre at Horsley Park.
At the 2013 Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships more than 200 of Australia’s best riders will compete over five days of competition. This year’s National Championship is a World Cup qualifier, with a huge program of events from Novice to Grand Prix level.
There could be no better way to inspire the champions of tomorrow than seeing today’s champions compete at the highest level. So gather members of your local, riding club, pony club, or school and plan a trip to enjoy watching Australia’s best riders go head to head at this world class venue.
In addition to watching Australia’s medal winning Para Equestrians, young riders from your club will also be inspired by seeing members of the following NSW and National Dressage Squads compete: buy baclofen paypal accepted cod
• DNSW High Performance Squad; DNSW Talent Development Squad; DNSW Youth Development Squad and  the National Youth Development Squad
• National Dressage Elite Squad and National A Level Squad
Children under 16 will be able to attend for free on Thursday, Friday and Sunday of the competition – so it’s a great incentive for your club to contribute to the dressage community in attending.
Club crowd pleasers in this year’s program include the following:
1. Thursday the 24th of October – Australia’s most talented Para Equestrian athletes compete in the Para Equestrian Championship Test Competition.
2. Friday the 25 October – a record number, (40 horse and rider combinations) will take part in the Australian Sports Commission Grand Prix CDI-W. Riders in this event can gain qualifying scores for the World Equestrian Games in Normandy
3. Saturday the 26th of October – Don’t miss the chance to see the Pessoa Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle with Freestyle events running all day Saturday.
4. Sunday the 27th of October – The Equestrian Australia’s Prix St George – Stars of the Future is a must see for all dressage enthusiasts.
17 September 2013
 – Women predicted to dominate in the Grand Prix
In just under six weeks the Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships will be held at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre. Undoubtedly, the highlight of this event will be the Grand Prix competition. Over the past few years, there have been a number of new horse and rider combinations which have taken centre stage at this elite level. The likes of Rachel Downs and Jaybee Alabaster, Brett Parbery and Victory Salute, Chantal Wigan and Ferero, are no longer in the running, making way for new Australian Grand Prix competitors. prozac and generic , problems with generic fluoxetine .
This year, it seems it will be a battle between the women, although Heath Ryan on Regardez Moi and Utopian Cardinal, and David Shoobridge on 00 Seven could give them a run for their money.
I managed to catch up with three of the main contenders to try and get a glimpse of what can be expected.
Mary Hanna and Sancette
“Sancette is a bay 17hh Hanoverian gelding by Sandro Hit out of the Contender mare, Cascade. We have competed successfully at national and international level and were selected for the 2012 London Olympic Games. I am currently aiming to compete at the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy.”
Where did you find him?
“I was looking for a horse two years before the London Olympics. A friend showed me a video of Sancette which I was impressed by. He was owned and trained by Steffen Peters. It was a long way to go to look at one horse but I was interested in meeting Steffen and see how he trained so I thought it was worth a try. I was suitably impressed by both Sancette and Steffen so I decided to buy the horse and as a result I stayed and trained with him. It was two months later that I brought Sancette back to Australia.”
What is the best quality or characteristic of Sancette?
“He is an incredibly supple and athletic horse. He’s like a dancer. Beautiful to sit on, he sucks you into the saddle, it’s like riding on air!
What is Sancette’s strongest movement in the Grand Prix?
“His trot work would have to be his strongest. He has a lot of spring and is incredibly expressive. I think his forte is his extensions and half pass.”
What is his weakest movement?
“Although his actual canter is good, he needs a lot of collection exercises to keep him balanced.” shipping advair diskus how much do advair diskus cost order Flonase
Name one horse and rider combination which you think will be the one to beat in the Grand Prix?
“It could be any one at the moment. There’s a lot of good horses out there. It’s also a long journey to Grand Prix and the Nationals, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”
Describe Sancette in a sentence?
He has taken over my life. I know I shouldn’t allow it but he has gotten under my skin. Most of my waking hours are spent on thinking how I can keep him happy!”
Sheridyn Ashwood and Prestige VDL
“Prestige VDL or Mr P as we call him was champion of his stallion test in Sweden with scores of 8 for walk, 8 for trot and 10 for canter. From the test riders he was awarded 9 for his gaits and 9 for his dressage potential. His sire is Silvano N who was at the Sydney Olympics for the Dutch team, and his Dam is Lavendel Keur. He’s 16 years old, 16.3 hh and luckily we own him outright!”
Where did you find him?
“Prestige was purchased out of NZ and it was love at first sight. I overcame many hurdles to get this magnificent fellow. For one, I was 6th on the waiting list to view him and I didn’t even have a passport! All my stars somehow aligned and he was flown straight into Brisbane airport within the week. (Apparently that is a once a year flight and there was a spot within days we decided to purchase him, I think Mr P arrived home the day after we arrived back from NZ……..Talk about luck!”
What is the best quality or characteristic of Prestige?
“It’s a long list but I think he is the perfect horse to look at and extremely rideable. I love everything about him. He has the kindest temperament and the most explosive paces, it’s so much fun to ride a horse like that”
What is Prestige’s strongest movement in Grand Prix?
“It would have to be his piaffe. He can really sit, and now I can really speed it up if needed. He’s improving all the time.”
What is his weakest movement?
“I don’t think he finds passage hard but I do.”
Name one horse and rider combination which you think will be the one to beat in the Grand Prix?
“My good mate Maree and Diamantina”
Describe Prestige in a sentence?
“He thinks he’s a celebrity and expects everyone to dote on him all the time and tell him how good he is. He’s such a character!”
Maree Tomkinson and Diamantina IV
“Diamantina is an 11 year old mare by Diamond Hit out of a Campari M mare. She is bay with 3 small white socks , 170 cm, and fortunately I own her in partnership with the lovely Lyn Sultana so no one can ever take her off me!”
Where did you find her? dec 8, 2013 – although generic dapoxetine is a ssri drug, it ain’t an antidepressant, but a pe medication. thanks to its effective formula, dapoxetine
“We found Diamantina in Germany whilst I was there competing at the World Young horse champs with Rodrigo in 2006. She was a 4 year old in training to be sold with Johannes Westendarp. We drove everywhere and looked at so many horses, we specifically wanted a mare with the idea that we could compete her and breed with her so we never would have the need to purchase another expensive horse. I’m not in a position to buy another one if something happens. I had to find or breed a good horse and train it myself. Fortunately I am quite good at that!”
What is the best quality or characteristic of Diamantina?
”Where do I start , Diamantina has so many amazing qualities and so many very difficult ones! She is amazingly beautiful to look at, almost as beautiful as Rodrigo! She is very gentle and sweet to handle. But mostly she is just unbelievable to ride and compete. She has so much power and grace and talent, she is like a big rubber ball of soft powerful energy, she’s like nothing I’ve ever ridden before (and I have ridden hundreds of horses!).
What is Diamantina’s strongest movement in Grand Prix?
“I think nearly all her movements are super strong, she has had 9’s for changes, passage, pirouettes, extended trot, and extended canter. So you pick, I think they are all really strong, now I am just waiting for the brave judge to give her a 10!”
What is her weakest movement?
“I do not think she has a weak movement, I think some things are taking longer than others, the half passes are amazing but have taken time to get really strong, the piaffe has taken the longest to train, she just didn’t understand what I was asking for but now she has it and I believe in time it will really be a strength, it’s so regular and the transition is so easy and smooth. When she becomes stronger and more balanced, it also will be a 10….. Eventually!”
Name one horse and rider combination which you think will be the one to beat in the Grand Prix?
“The horse and rider to beat in the GP will be Maree Tomkinson and Diamantina, of course!”
Describe Diamantina in a sentence?
“Beauty, power and grace. A once in a lifetime opportunity that I am eternally grateful for.”
Wow! What a collection of amazing horses and women. And to think that there’s still more combinations like Rozzie Ryan and GV  Bullwinkle, and Caroline Wagner and Tango V.  Heath Ryan and David Shoobridge you have a big job at hand to keep a male on the dais! Maybe Tor Van Den Berge on Fishermans Friend may be able to help.
Make time to enjoy the Saddleworld Australian Dressage Championships at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre from the 23rd to the 27th October 2013.


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