Dressage at Devon Day 6: Juniors, Dressage Explorers, Exhibitions and More

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This year’s Sunday at Dressage at Devon was once again a day for the whole family. Junior riders dominate, giving all a view into the future. And while one of the goals is for the whole family to have fun, it is an important part of an effort to engage the under-30 group to the sport of dressage. 

FEI Junior Riders

Ava MacCoubrey from Ontario, Canada achieved a score of 70.300 in her technically challenging freestyle test and claimed first place in the FEI Junior Freestyle riding Pablo, a 19-year-old bay KWPN. Ava started riding Western when she was eight years old and her family moved to Costa Rica. A year later, when they returned to Canada, Ava switched to eventing. Because she enjoys the connection and dancing with the horse, she decided to focus on dressage. In 2015 she started leasing Pablo from Lori Bell and training with Jacqueline Brooks and since then, she’s made significant progress with dressage, competing at CDI level in Wellington,
Saugerties and now at Devon. “Devon is awesome,” she says, commenting on the atmosphere and organization. “Also, this was my first time breaking 70. Pablo was a good boy, felt great and was in rhythm with the music.” 

Winners of the FEI Junior Freestyle, Ava MacCoubrey and Pablo

Winners of the FEI Junior Freestyle, Ava MacCoubrey and Pablo

Katrina Sadis, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Zepelim, a 12-year old gray Lusitano gelding, thrilled the judges and audience with their challenging and well-executed freestyle ride. Katrina showed off Zepelim’s strengths, doing pirouettes on the center line twice in full view of all the judges. “It was a gutsy riding, and she pulled it off,” said Ann Moss, a USPC National Examiner. “More carrots are coming this pony’s way,” she added. The judges rewarded Katrina for her boldness with a score of 71.475 and a blue ribbon.

Second place went to Nicholas Hansen (70.075). Riding the Ritter Benno, a 15-year old Westfalen, he showed off beautiful equitation. Alexandra

Katrina Sadis and Zepelim

Katrina Sadis and Zepelim


Meghji and rode a fluid, balanced ride on her mount Rigo, a black Hanoverian, to third place (69.250).

Honoring First Responders

On Sunday afternoon, the Dixon Oval filled with fifteen riders attired in tail coats decorated with stars and stripes. They performed their “Tribute to the Red, White and Blue” to honor first responders. As well as three flag bearers, there were three teams of four rider-equine pairs who moved in intricate patterns both side-by-side and nose-to-tail. They weave together and then part ways, making the timing of each step critical. The riders are members of Delaware Valley Combined Training Association (DVCTA), all hailing from Delaware and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania and coming together to perform a quadrille.

Dressage Explorers

A big part of the day is the Dressage Explorer program, geared to children ages under 13. One of the most popular activities is the Make n’ Take Stick Horse Competition. Kids can decorate and then compete with their stick horses in the Dixon Oval (although one can often spot and an adult amateur or even a professional in the ring). The day also included  a Meet n’ Greet with the Tempel Lipizzans, a selfie-scavenger hunt, Equine Health Jeopardy and much more.

“We are always excited when there are young people involved,” said Sally Hibbert, Breed Secretary and creator of the Dressage Explorers program. “Last year was our first year and while it was successful, we also learned a lot about what will interest and entertain the younger set while still fulfilling our educational mission.”

More Results

While the atmosphere was a little more relaxed on Sunday, the competitors were in top form.

The FEI Intermediaire 1 Freestyle was won by Tina Irwin on Laurencio (Laurentio x Pasadena), a 9 year old Oldenburg. The Canadian duo had a score of 77.175.

FEI Intermediaire B was won by Janine Little on Sancerre (Sir Donnerhall x Walkina), a 10 year old Oldenberg  with a score of 69.310.

For complete results, visit www.dressageatdevon.org.


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