Dressageclinic.com is Pleased to Offer a Unique Training Video with Grand Prix Rider and Pan Am Gold Medalist, Heather Blitz!

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Dressageclinic.com is pleased to offer this unique training video, a true learning opportunity with illustrious International Grand Prix Rider and Pan Am gold medalist, Heather Blitz. In this video she is riding a very young Hanoverian gelding, Roanoke, who is by Rousseau and owned by Rob McKean.

Heather tells us this good natured four year old is easy to ride but is “not enthusiastic about going forward”. This 16.3 hand high youngster looks developed and strong but she stresses the fact that he is still growing, that his body is changing which makes it buy baclofen online from uk – can you take 2 10mg cialis. hard for him to balance.

Heather’s expertise in developing the young horse really shines throughout her ride. She has a wonderful gift for transferring both her experience and her knowledge to her audience.

During this almost half hour session Heather shares with the viewer a wealth of wisdom on the proper development of the horse and proper use of the rider’s body in aiding the horse.

Heather Blitz stresses the importance of keeping the tempo and getting the hind legs working. She pills price estradiol 2mg price is there a generic for estrace vag cream estradiol 70 estradiol patch 37.5. pills cost estradiol 0 75 generic estrace tablets ethinyl  demonstrates beautifully through her highly effective riding that when the horse is moving from behind they will go naturally into the contact. She stresses the danger of using the seat as a pushing aid.

She is explicit at all times in what the rider’s job is and how it impacts the horse. She says, “Keep clear where the line is between your signal and their effort. You do not want to fill in for their lack of effort.”

Heather states that she is at all times “clear with aids, clear with communication, clear with strictness” and we see firsthand the notable change she brings about in this young horse’s ability to carry himself.

The trot work is an opportunity for Heather Blitz to really see where this horse is at in his development because she does not ride him full time. Although she would like him more forward, she stresses that she only wants to go forward in a way that feels balanced and good for him.

“Horses do not like to be out of balance”. She lets Roanoke choose his frame and explains that although he is a bit low in the poll, it is too much him to ask for more collection at this time.

Heather states clearly that the important thing at this point is that he move forward willingly of light aids. She wants him to flow over his back and keep the tempo in his hind legs so that he can feel more elastic in her hand.

In the canter work we again see phenergan price in canada order phenergan online phenergan without prescription Heather’s incredible skill at work as she explains clearly how to aid the horse in balancing himself by teaching them to not sit on the rider’s aids especially the hands.

Heather Blitz does a phenomenal job in helping this talented young horse find his way and she illustrates the importance of correct rider position. Heather beautifully explains position, effective application of the aids and how buy doxycycline online . licensed canadian pharmacy that provides safe & affordable canada drugs at discount prices. pharmacy online . cialis viagra levitra  this affects the horse both in the short and the long term.

(Photo Credit: SharonPacker.com)

This is a must see video for all of you wanting to improve your ability to communicate with buy generic dapoxetine online uk discount prices. men’s health. canadian pharmacy, anti-allergic, healthy bones, anti-diabetic. your horse and is an especially invaluable video for anyone developing the young sport horse.

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