Horse and Symphony, Opening Ceremonies, and Show Jumping Kick Off CHIO Aachen 2016

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Aachen, Germany –

The king and queen of Sweden paraded into the main stadium of the CHIO Aachen Tuesday evening in grand style, accompanied by the Royal Fire Brigade of Malmo and a phalanx of mounted guards from the Swedish Royal Stables. Following a welcome to the participating nations, presented by Icelandic ponies and their riders bearing flags, Her Majesty Queen Silvia delivered the inaugural speech, officially declaring the CHIO Aachen 2016 open. With a roar of approval from the crowd the Opening Ceremony was underway, a spectacular The Swedish royal couple at the CHIO Aachen opening ceremony 2016 CHIO Aachen:Michael Strauchshowcase that highlighted the unique history and culture of Sweden and the equestrian roots of the CHIO Aachen.

Sweden, as the partner nation of the CHIO Aachen, presented a fabulous tribute to its equestrian, cultural, and musical traditions in a dazzling spectacle to set the mood for the week’s competition. Beginning with the middle ages, where knights from Sweden and Germany went to battle and Vikings rode again over the international show jumping field, the ceremony also included a display of midsummer songs and dances, the presentation of the Dalecarlia Horse, Wangen Trotters Quadrille, a presentation of Swedish competitors, a tribute to the storybook characters of Astrid Lindgren, and the musical stylings of both ABBA and pop sensation Mans Zelmerlow, who concluded the evening with an impressive concert framed by a spectacular sunset.

Earlier in the week, the Prize of the Sparkasse was presented to the top FEI vaulters, and a spectacular showcase of music and equestrianism took place in the Deutch Bank Stadum. Dubbed Pferd & Sinfonie, or Horse and Symphony, the show featured equestrian exhibitions ranging from wild west rough riders, dressage quadrilles, jumping, vaulting, and breed presentations all set to the sounds of a live orchestra, playing above the arena. In addition to traditional classical pieces, the concert set horses dancing to the tunes of mainstream movies and music including ABBA, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Forrest Gump, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Superman, and The Lion King.

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The CHIO Aachen continues Wednesday and Thursday:


Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Deutsche Bank Stadium:


Prix St. Georges at 3:30pm

Grand Prix de Dressage CDI 4* at 6pm



Driving Stadium:


Prize of Fa. Horsch, Der Entsorger FEI Dressage Test 11



Thursday, July 14, 2016


Driving Stadium:


Prize of Martello Immobilemanament FEI Dressage Test 8 at 10pm



Deutsche Bank Stadium


Prize of Family Tesch – Grand Prix CDIO Nations Cup Qualifier at 10am




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