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Itapira, Sao Paulo, Brazil (June 28, 2016) – In recognition of four decades of excellence in breeding, training, and evolving the modern Lusitano, Interagro Lusitanos was recently featured on the Fox Media’s Talk Business 360, a television program that highlights innovative companies from across the world. The Brazilian Lusitano stud and training center was spotlighted on air for its passion meets progression business model, which focuses not only on preserving and reconstructing the purest Lusitano bloodlines, but also ushering in a new era for the Lusitano sporthorse.

(Photo courtesy of Interagro Lusitanos)

Click here to watch Interagro’s segment on Talk Business 360.

1916707_373756188950_6397796_n 1916707_373756193950_6608270_nHERODOTUS_IMG_8585Founded in 1975, Interagro’s mission was to reconstruct and preserve the original lineages of the Lusitano horse, many of which were threatened by annihilation in the aftermath of the Portuguese Revolution of 1974. Through this process, Interagro became the largest breeder of Lusitanos in the world, and the results of their meticulous selection and training programs have manifested the exceptional qualities of the Interagro horse. The achievements and qualities of the Interagro Lusitano stand as a testament to its identity as a superb, competitive sport horse.

The Interagro lineages includes the purest Lusitano bloodlines: Andrade, Veiga, and the Coudelaria Nacional. Renowned stallions from these and other elite bloodlines sired today’s Interagro horses with a group of mares from the traditional bloodlines. Interagro is the only Lusitano stud in the world that has the privilege of owning mares from all of the basic bloodlines that have never been sold by their original breeders.

Photo courtesy of Ambar Dressage

Photo courtesy of Ambar Dressage

(Photo courtesy of Tupa)

(Photo courtesy of Tupa)


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