Mary Warren Makes History at the Australian National Championships

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The ever-popular Grand Prix Freestyle at the Australian Dressage Championships offered another great moment of sport to the public and crowned the 18-year-old Mary Warren and her stunning Mindarah Park Ramadan (71.00%). Mary who was – very understandably – emotional at the presentation, makes history at the Nationals on Saturday night, becoming the youngest rider to win a Freestyle CDI-W in Australia. The young woman also completed a HSC math exam on Friday along with her dressage tests (placing 8th in the Grand Prix CDI-W with Mindarah Park Ramadan and 4th in the CDI-Y Team with Mindarah Park Raphael on Friday and placing 3rd in the CDI-Y Individual on Saturday.)

I am ecstatic. I was shocked to hear the score and even more shocked to hear the placing but he is just getting better and better. I am so fortunate. He was really good in the changes. I felt I could just sit back and he would just do the job.”  When asking her how she feels about making history in the sport tonight she says “I am a committed person and this is just the dream. It is an outstanding way of representing Australia. 

wide_Mary_Warren_2016NationalsGerman judge, Henning Lehrmann said of Mary’s test : “She did a really good job. I would say it was a test without mistakes. The highlight was the extended walk. She had a really good choreography that was difficult enough. She showed changes every second stride on the circle and then she changed directly every stride. The music was nice.”

Just before the break, Mary, who is from NSW, opened the leader board with the first over 70% score and just didn’t let anyone get close to here and from there, kept the lead in the competition until the end.

In the second part of the competition, the rider from Western-Australia, now living in NSW – Deon Stokes – who won Thursday’s PSG, offered an enthusiastic performance with the Oldenburg stallion Royal Oak II, owned by Kate Barton, obtaining 69.975%.

But next rider, Robbie Mckinnon (Soster), riding her cute chestnut gelding, Robaldi Razzamatazz, who performed strongly and scored 70.475%, placing her second of the temporary leaderboard.

Heath Ryan and Utopian Cardinal were second last entering the arena after, after winning Friday’s Grand Prix CDI-W. Heath is a performer and loves the thrills of Freestyle, always carefully tuning his performance with a powerful soundtrack. The combination did a great job, scoring 70.500%, that was very close to Robbie’s score but just enough to place him second of the overall leaderboard.

It is my first time judging in Australia. I really appreciated it very much. Everyone is very friendly and the organizing team is very good. I get the feeling they try to do the best for the riders and the horses and that is the most important to see. I am impressed.” Henning Lehrmann, further shares.


  1. Mary Warren & Mindarah Park Ramadan with 71.00%
  2. Heath Ryan & Utopian Cardinal with 70.500%
  3. Roberta Soster & Robaldi Razzamatazz with 70.475%
  4. Deon Stokes & Royal Oak II with 69.975%
  5. Jayden Brown & Furst Friedrich with 69.300%
  6. Judith Dierks & Diamond Star with 69.225%

FEI Intermediate Freestyle

Daniella Dierks, daughter of Judy Dierks – who weboth interviewed together on the first day of competition – was absolutely “over the moon” with her still young, Solo Feliz who won his first Freestyle Saturday with a strong score of 70.583%.

I was a little worried, not so much that he couldn’t do it but more that when you bring on the young horses and they start picking up their game and they start going up the levels, they have to start experiencing things like freestyles. The most important thing for me was he coped with it, didn’t get a fright. It was important that the first one to come, as he will have many more, was a good experience for him. And over that, winning the class ?! I couldn’t have asked for more really.

FEI Advanced Freestyle

Yesterday’s Reserve Advanced Champion, Sharon Potter, took first place in the Freestyle today, riding again Bradgate Park Delilah, owned by Beverley Healey and scoring a very good 71.875%.

FEI Grand Prix CDN Freestyle

Shannan Goodwin’s score of 66.725% secured her first position in the FEI Grand Prix CDN Freestyle on her mount Aristede. “He was amazing. He managed to get his tongue stuck over the bit, right at the beginning of the test. I kept asking him if he wanted to stop but he was happy to keep going and in the canter, got it back in. He didn’t miss a beat !

FEI Medium Tour Freestyle

Yesterday’s Intermediate Champion, Alexis Hellyer, took first place in the FEI Medium Tour Freestyle today, on Bluefields Floreno, scoring a strong 73.225%. “He is an amazing horse to ride. It is still really green but it will eventually get better and better. They are a few little mistakes but we will ignore those and just look at the horse that he is. He is fantastic, he is super to ride, so talented.

Elementary Championship

The Elementary Championship was won by Rodney Martin from NSW and PR Firenz after winning both Elementary 3.2 and 3.3 today. Emma Flavelle-Watts, was declared reserve champion after finishing third in the 3.2 and second in the 3.3.


Today, our para-equestrian riders took also their turn in performing their Freestyles.

Dale Johnston, from NSW was crowned Grade II Champion today, after finishing his Freestyle with a score of 67.500% riding Tec Macedon. “He went pretty good. We did two firsts on Thursday and again today. I am really happy and proud with him. The next competition will be back down here in April and maybe Melbourne at the end of the year.”


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