RIDE ALERT appoints Theresa R. McManus as Director of Marketing

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David Hasbury-Snogles, President, Ride Alert, USA


Ride Alert is proud to announce that Theresa R. McManus is joining them as their new Director of Marketing with immediate effect.


“Ride Alert has progressed significantly over the past 12 months and we are very pleased with both the achievements made during that time and the way in which we have been able to promote what is essentially a new, but very important service to the US equestrian market. We are aware however that in order to move us to the’ next level’ and bring Ride Alert to a much wider audience, we needed to engage the assistance of a dynamic, experienced, and well-respected equestrian who could propel us forward in 2014.  Having worked with us on other projects for some time now and in an unofficial capacity with Ride Alert for the last few months, we quickly came to realize that the person we were looking for was already at our side, so we moved to secure her valuable and remarkable talents before she was snapped up by another company!” – Anita Hasbury-Snogles, Co-Founder, Ride-Alert, USA.


“I am very excited to be working with Ride Alert,” says Theresa McManus, new Director of Marketing. “As a Rider myself, I can see the immense value in the service that Ride Alert provides and I want to be able to provide all riders, their families, and the equestrian organizations that they are members of with the opportunity to learn about the products and services that Ride Alert provides. Not only to help them improve their safety around horses, but in offering their parents, spouses, and even their children the peace of mind to know that should the worst happen, someone is there to take the call and assist them when they need it most. I firmly believe that every Rider needs Ride Alert – young or old, experienced or novice – and it is now my job to make that happen.” – Theresa R. MacManus, Director of Marketing, Ride Alert, USA.

About Theresa

Earlier in her career, Theresa spent several buy generic cialis online. free direct worldwide shipping. secure ordering! years in Europe honing her riding skills and training under some well-known and highly respected equestrians in Spain such as Alvaro Domecq, Alejandro Muldando, Nuno Oliviro and The Spanish Riding School itself.  In England she trained under Carol Broad, BHSF, Molly Sivewright, Walter Biddlecombe and Donald Smith, and with Silvia Loch while living in Scotland.


While taking advantage of learning from some ethinyl estradiol 30 ??g and levonorgestrel 150 ??g ethinyl oestradiol 50 gamma generic estrace tablets buy cream online no prescription estradiol 17 beta ser  of the best training available at the time, she also gave back a little of her time and expertise through managing and organizing various equine events – competing (eventing and carriage driving), creating riding clubs, organizing, managing and judging many riding competitions herself, including designing a number of show jumping courses.


Perhaps her greatest achievement back then was in training the British Modern Pentathlon team (show jumping), leading to the Team winning the Bronze medal at the World Championships in 1987 and the Olympic Bronze medal in Seoul, Korea the following year.  One cheapest prices pharmacy. price for generic zoloft . approved pharmacy, walgreens zoloft cost. of the team members (Richard Phelps) went on to win the Men’s Individual World Championship single day Pentathlon in 1993 (the first Briton ever to do so!).


Upon returning to the U.S., Theresa became a Partner in a large Consulting business and was very instrumental in the success of many companies including well-known names such as Priceline.com, and The Hartford Insurance Company. Today, she runs her own equine business in Dillwyn, VA where she instructs riders, trains horses and coaches competitors. She hosts Equine Information Sessions expose riders to training and practices that promote lightness in their riding, nutrition and equine care, as well as organizing a number of Clinics and a Summer Camp for local children.


About Ride-Alert

Ride Alert is a US based partner of the worldwide AlertID Group who have been providing identification support services in the UK for over 15 years. Ride Alert provides a simple online buy amoxicillin without prescription uk order amoxil purchase amoxicillin online uk means to identify you and your horse and to record your medical and emergency contact details for later use by anyone who may need them in the event of an accident or illness. Ride-Alert has been developed to provide peace of mind for riders and their families. As well as providing visible identification products for riders, horses and property, there is also the added comfort of having a 24/7 Emergency Support Team on call and ready to assist in any emergency situation.


Since being introduced in the USA at the beginning of this year, Ride Alert has formed working partnerships with a number of well-known Local and National organizations such as the State Horse Councils of Virginia, Kansas, and Colorado, the ACTHA, USRider, CHA, and renowned Clinician, TV Host and can i get amoxil online yes order here canadian pharmacy free shipping no prescription needed canada buy prozac online buy periactin in london Road-to-the-Horse “Wildcard” – Kerry Kuhn – who is Ride Alert”s official Ambassador. We also have a new phone app now available for iPhone users, with an Android version coming soon!

“Ride Alert is something that we all are going to not want to be without. Being able to have access to valuable lifesaving information can be critical in the case of an accident. We all know how dangerous being around horses can be, so having the peace of mind for your kids and family that they (as well as yourself) are signed up with Ride Alert can be an incredible asset.  I know I can”t protect my children from everything, but I can at least equip them with Ride Alert! – Kerry Kuhn, Clinician, TV show Host, and Ambassador for Ride Alert, USA.

For more information take a look at our website ridealert.us and follow us on Facebook at ridealert247 or ridealert for the phone app page.



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