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This selection policy (‘the policy’) covers the discipline of Dressage.


To select athletes and horses who are able to achieve the best possible results at the 2014 World Equestrian Games. The term ‘best possible result’ order online at usa pharmacy! zoloft generic cost walmart . free delivery, generic zoloft manufacturers. encompasses both a team and an individual result.


Subject to the terms of the Policy and any additional FEI qualification/entry requirements:
2.1 The initial process of selection will commence with the current EA Dressage Selection Panel (“DSP”) selecting the National Elite and A Squads. These Squads will be announced on or before February 1st 2014. These squads will be selected by using results from the period 01/06/2013 to 31/01/2014.

2.2 On or before June 24th, 2014 the DSP will announce a list of up to eight (8) combinations (“the WEG Long List “). The combinations estradiol level 73 estrace cream no prescription is there a generic for estrace vag cream estradiol 34pg ml generic estrace pill buy cost of 1 mg estradiol will be selected as follows:

2.2.1 One (1) Australian based combination will automatically be selected to the Long List of eight (8) combinations based on average scores from the Grand Prix class at three of the following four events: The Australian National Dressage Championships CDI-W 2013, Equitana CDI-W 2013, Dressage Festival CDI-W 2013 and Boneo Park CDI 2014.

2.2.2 The remaining seven (7) combinations will be ranked by averaging an athlete’s best results from three (3) Grand Prix classes at CDI-Ws, CDI3*, 4* and 5* events during the period from 28/11/2013 until 24/06/2014. For Australian and non-European based athletes, at least two (2) of the scores to produce this average must be in Europe. For European based riders, all three (3) results must come from European events. For all athletes, at least two (2) of the three (3) competitions must be outdoors.

2.3 On or before July 24th, 2014, the DSP will review the results for each of the eight (8) WEG Long Listed combinations from two (2) nominated European Grand Prix classes during the period of June 24th – July 24th 2014. A ranking list will then be created by averaging the results for each combination from these nominated competitions. The top four (4) ranked combinations from this ranking list will be jan 1, 2010 – compare buy baclofen prices and save money take baclofen sale. buy drug baclofen in australia . kaufen best price baclofen baclofen on line selected to compete as part of the WEG team, with the 5th and 6th ranked combinations to be the official non-travelling reserves (to enter Pre-Games camp but not the competition venue). The two nominated competitions from which the ranking list will be determined, will be nominated by the DSP no later than March 2014.

2.4 Athletes who have fulfilled all selection criteria as per this compare the best online pharmacies to buy deltasone. order generic prednisone with 100% satisfaction guarantee. document but who are not on an EA National Squad, may still be eligible for the WEG Long List.

2.5 An athlete may campaign multiple horses during the selection period however only two slots per athlete will be available in the top 8 at the head to head competitions.


2.6 This policy may be varied, amended or supplemented by EA from time to time, including where matters arise for which there is no explicit provision in the criteria. Any variation, amendment or supplement, must be in writing. EA will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to all persons affected by any variation, amendment or supplement to the Policy.


3.1 Following selection of the WEG Long List, if:
3.1.1 In the opinion of the NPD (in consultation with the Team vet and the Chair of the DSP.), there has been a loss of form or fitness by a member of the WEG Long List. The loss of form must be assessed to be likely to be ongoing and affect performance at WEG; or
3.1.2 A member of the WEG Long List contravenes their athlete agreement, FEI Veterinary Regulations or EA Rules and policies; or
3.1.3 A member of the WEG Long List does not meet the requirements outlined in the athletes agreement;
that member of the WEG Long List may be replaced by another combination meeting the requirements for selection and having been the next highest ranking combination not selected under clause 2.2.1 or 2.2.2. (‘a Substitution’).


4.1 For Athletes to be eligible for selection, all athletes must:
4.1.1 be a current member of EA;
4.1.2 be eligible to compete for Australia as per FEI regulations Art. 119;
4.1.3 be willing to make their horse(s) available for examination at a time and location reasonably requested by the Team Vet and accept and implement the reasonable recommendations of the Team Vet; this may also be in consultation with the athlete’s own vet;
4.1.4 Not have used or administered any substance that, if it had been detected as being present in the Athlete’s body tissue or fluids, would have constituted Doping as defined in the EA Anti-Doping Policy;
4.1.5 Provide accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information on a regular basis to the EA;
4.1.6 satisfy any additional preconditions advised in writing to the athlete by EA prior to or at the time of selection for WEG Nominated Entries;


4.1.7 demonstrate to the satisfaction of EA that they are
not suffering any physical or mental impairment that would prevent them from competing in the Games to the highest possible standard; and
4.1.8 have acted and at all times act in such a manner so as to not bring the athlete, the discipline of dressage or EA into public disrepute or censure.
4.2 For Horses to be eligible for selection to WEG Nominated Entries, all horses must:
4.2.1 be registered with EA or should the horse be permanently domiciled in a country other than Australia, a current FEI passport administered by either EA or the rider’s host country.
4.2.2 have passed a veterinary examination to the satisfaction of the Team Vet
4.2.3 not have breached the requirements of the EA or FEI Anti-Doping & Controlled Medication Policies.
4.3 Owners – In order for the horse and athlete combination to be selected for WEG Nominated Entries, EA must have received from the owner(s) of the nominated horse a signed copy of the 2014 EA Horse Owner Agreement


5.1 Appeals concerning non-selection of athletes and horses for the WEG Squad will be heard by an EA Appeal Tribunal in accordance with the EA Appeal By-Laws.
5.2 There will be one level of appeal only with the sole grounds for an Appeal being that this Selection Policy was not properly followed and/or implemented.
5.3 Only athletes may appeal their non-selection. Owners cannot appeal any decision. An athlete must lodge their notice of intention to appeal in writing with the CEO of EA within three (3) working days from the date of the announcement of the WEG Team.


The nomination criteria combines FEI qualification criteria, competition Criteria and general criteria.

6.1 FEI Qualification Process for WEG 2014

“In zyban price canada buy bupropion order to qualify for participation at the 2014 World Equestrian Games, riders and horses must have attained (as a combination), a result of at least 64% attributed by the Ground Jury and by any two different FEI 5* Dressage Judges, of a nationality other than that of the rider, in a Grand Prix at two different CDI 3*/4*/5*/ CDI-W or CDIO events during the qualification period.

Qualification period: Start: 1 January 2013
End: 23 July 2014


6.2 Competition Criteria

To be eligible for consideration for selection, rider and horse combinations are to have achieved the competition criteria as follows:
– Combinations must have achieved an overall percentage of 67% or above in at least one Grand Prix test at a CDI or CDI-W event where the Ground Jury is composed of at least one FEI 5*judge and two FEI 4* judges in 2013 or 2014.
6.3 General Criteria
The DSP will take into consideration the following general criteria to separate combinations if there is a tie for positions on the long list of the WEG team:
– rider and horse combinations maintaining a consistent standard during the selection period may be selected ahead of a combination whose performances are less consistent. Performances demonstrating an improving trend will be considered favourably.
– rider and horse combinations with higher scores at higher level events (ie 4* or 5*) will be considered favourably.
– The EA Dressage Advisor, the EA Dressage National Performance Director and the EA Dressage Team Veterinarian will be consulted.


7.1 Extraordinary Factors
In considering the performances of athletes and horses at events, training camps or other activities required under this policy, the DSP may in their discretion give weight to extraordinary factors applying to that athlete and/or horse.
7.1.1 Athletes unable to compete at events, trials, training camps or other attendances required under this policy must advise the High Performance Manager and relevant National Performance Director of this fact, and the reasons, in writing, before the commencement of the activity or as soon as practicable.
7.1.2 In the case of injury or illness, the athlete may be required to undergo a medical examination by a doctor or doctors nominated by EA.
7.1.3 In the case of illness or soundness problems of the horse, the horse will be required to undergo a veterinary examination by the National Team Vet or by a vet nominated by the Team Vet.
7.1.4 In the case of bereavement, equipment failure, travel delays, quarantine factors or other extraordinary factors, the DSP will make a decision on an individual basis.



7.2.1 At the selectors’ discretion, a new combination which appears during the period prior to June 23rd, 2014, and have fulfilled the FEI qualification criteria, may be added to the WEG Long List. There will be no additions after June 23rd unless a substitution has to be made according to Clause 3 of this document. New combinations added in this way must compete at the two (2) nominated events as per clause 2.1.3 to be eligible for selection onto the WEG Team.
7.2.2 If a combination has been unable to compete at the required number of events to produce a ranking, special consideration may be given under exceptional circumstances.


Athletes who:
7.3.1 by reason of illness, injury or soundness problems to either their horse or themselves are unable to perform to the required standard as determined by the DSP(after having received advice from a medical practitioner or the Team Vet); or
7.3.2 contravene the FEI or EA Codes of Conduct, FEI Veterinary Regulations or EA Rules and policies;
7.3.3 fail to comply with the terms of their Athlete’s Agreement; or
7.3.4 do not meet any other stated requirement communicated to them in writing by EA,
may be removed from the WEG long List, Squad or Team. Removal from the WEG long List, Squad or Team by the DSP but only with the prior written approval of the CEO of EA.


If, after Team selection, the horse sustains an injury and/or exacerbates an earlier injury and/or shows symptoms of an illness at any time up to the point of competition, the horse will be subject to an assessment of the current form of the horse to compete at the expected level. This assessment will be conducted by the Dressage Selectors, NPD and/or National Training Advisor in consultation with the Team veterinarian.
After the assessment has been carried out a decision will be made by the DSP.
Any replacement must be made in accordance with this Selection Policy.


Dressage Selection Timelines –

23 Oct 2013
Beginning of selection period for WEG Long List

1 Feb 2014
National Elite and A squads announced
National Squad members

May 2014
Veterinary Inspection for all long listed horses
All horses in contention for WEG Long List

23 June 2014
End of selection period for WEG Long List

24 June 2014 (Likely Nominated Entries Date)
WEG Long List Announced
8 combinations (twice WEG team size)

Between June 23 and July 24 2014
Final Selection Event 1

Between June 23 and July 24 2014
Final Selection Event 2

23 July 14
Final Vet Checks
If required prior to announcement of team
24 July 14

WEG Team Announcement
(Any appeals to be finalised by tbc)

Appeals finalised
15 – 22 August 2014
pre WEG staging camp

Definite Entries
22 August 14

Move into venue
25 August 2014

WEG Dressage Competition commences


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