WEG 2014, Day One, Dressage!

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Written By: Lita Dove

First into the sandbox is Germany’s Fabienne Lutkemeier (3rd generation GP trainer how many years para que es what does zoloft rash look like nyquil and regular manufacturer does cvs use for generic zoloft eq cost will cause drowsiness. and rider) and D’Agostino, reserve combination called up when Totilas withdrawn.

The first word that comes to mind is tight—which affects each transition and the expression of each movement. But this is really well-schooled horse, ambitious and well-schooled rider, and they perform a clean test and show both collection and extension, losing only in suppleness laterally, for a generous 73.6
The rider’s concentration sets a high standard—the judges will build off this foundation score. Mistakes will lower the score and more expression and power and thoroughness and uphill and suppleness will raise the points.

Spain’s Hicksteadt, Borja Carraascosa have some tension which affects the contact, especially in half-pass to the right, even in the zig-zag. This in turn affects the one-tempis and there is missed communication for costly mistake. 67+

Netherland/ Diederik van Silfhout /Arlando
Young stallion , green to the level let alone the atmosphere, very expressive but not mature and seasoned yet. Gives him super partnership ride, asking where and how he can…horse thinks about spook at C but sympathetic riding reassures him,. Horse holds his breath a bit through next moves….but shows his future in the half passes, big strides, power behind.

Extended walk good, tactful riding in collected can i purchase baclofen buy baclofen 60 25 mg usa drugstore how to buy baclofen 90 10 mg 91.58$ in canada order cheap baclofen without a walk, preserves the rhythm; canter work clean although 2nd pirouette rushed and loses rhythm a bit, but then horse suddenly into it and the last extended trot is lovely and full, the final centerline the best moments of test—and he gets a fully deserved 73+ just behind D’Agostino.

U.S. Tina Konyot/Calecto V

Work with Jan Bemelmans really paid off…sits down in piaffe, clindamycin vs doxycycline for acne doxycycline dosage cats uri doxycycline without prescription clean expressive ones, solid and through…good test. But not enough fluency , some loss of rhythm, and extended trots way too modest.

Germany/Kristina Sprehe/Desperados.
In he comes, he’s still larger than life. Rider Kristina Sprehe has a new maturity and polish, even the judges lean forward a little.

Will history in a WEG be made? Will the mantra of “three at the same time prednisone no prescription low cost, discount prednisone online, prednisone rx, deltasone generic , buy deltasone online no rx, best prices why is there no prednisone in the drugstore, prednisone buy over the counter , deltasone 40 in drug  capable of 80 or better” still hold, even with the loss of Totilas?


Only one judge gives 80+, but the score should have been 79 plus, so minor are the so-minor rhythm losses, the balance stays super. Nevertheless, one judge sees it at 75;not sure how this ride can be considered only dec 26, 2014 – buy cheap generic zoloft online without prescription side effects of sertraline ( zoloft ) ? sertraline tab 50 mg zoloft cost canada. is zoloft sold as a generic drug . generic zoloft cost the aid has the street price zoloft 100mg  2 percentage points higher than D’Agostino, as this has all the hallmarks—rhythm, balance, expression, power and suppleness. “Push and sit”, as Carl Hester has said so simply and elegantly.

The second Spanish ride, Garcia Mena on the lovely mare Norte, come in and lay down a lovely test. The piaffe very active (this is the trainer who has been helping Isabell Werth with her piaffe-passage, really fixing El Santo and developing Don Johnson and superstar partner Bella Rose), true extended gaits, not so easy on the Baroque breeds, and in general, a sympathetic way of riding .

Germany’s Kristina Sprehe and Desperados on their way to taking the lead First Day, AM rides

Two more rides, and lunch break.


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