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About the Program

The goal of the Canadian Dressage Athlete Assistance Program (C-DAAP) is to provide supplemental funding to Canadian dressage athletes by assisting these athletes with funds to off-set training, competition and educational expenses incurred during their quest for excellence, thus creating a bridge to high level international competition.

The mandate is to ensure all programs are developed based on an athlete centered support system by providing the necessary support to ensure recipient dec 26, 2014 – baclofen generic vs brand name buzon sugerencias y bugs.: buy baclofen online canada generic baclofen identification baclofen treatment for athletes serve as role models in the dressage community.

C-DAAP ensures all of its leadership programs are developed in conjunction with the Canadian dressage community and various organizations to capture the vision of C-DAAP, best prices for all customers! buy brand name zoloft . official drugstore, zoloft online uk. results in empowering our athletes to achieve their full potential without the lack of financial funding inhibiting their ability to achieve their goals.

Program Objectives

To provide financial support to Canadian dressage athletes, identified using criteria established by Equine Canada / Dressage Canada enabling them to compete both nationally and internationally;
To allow Canada’s dressage athletes the opportunity to participate in year-round national and international training culminating in competition regimes which will further their athletic goals and move Canadian athletes to the top of the international ranking lists;
To provide a contribution towards helping off-set entry fees, travel, accommodation, training and other such expenses associated for Canadian dressage athletes in need of financial support to attend sanctioned events;
To provide support to recipients that demonstrate strong leadership qualifies and promote good sportsmanship to other athletes by participating and contributing in various fundraising and coaching programs.

Vision Statement

“The difference between having a dream and making it best prices for all customers! buy dapoxetine online . approved pharmacy, buy dapoxetine in canada. a reality is only money”

C-DAAP’s commitment is to provide Canadian buy cheap generic prednisone online without prescription. more information about “prednisone buy prednisone online now . nov 8, 2007 – taking prednisone  dressage athletes that work hard and make it to the top of their sport, the ability to never need to step aside because they don’t have the financial means to be the best they can be.

C-DAAP will strive to ensure that every top athlete has the opportunity to train with the best trainers, on the best horses, with generic zoloft online comprar zoloft online Sertraline without prescription the best support team available, to ensure Canada is recognized as a leader in our sport.

Athletes awarded grant funding under C-DAAP are expected to give back to the high performance program by offering their expertise and time (free of charge) to act as clinicians at a minimum of one development / youth clinic in the year they were awarded funding.

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