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DressageMeetingOnline.com is the newest member of the Select Media family of websites. We are excited to lead the revolution in Dressage Education around the world by offering for the first time, an opportunity for all riders, trainers, judges and enthusiasts at any level to interact live with the Top Dressage Educators up close and personal, using the latest technology available.

live webinar events where participants can call, interact, speak, watch, listen and learn with other students from the most in-demand Dressage Educators across the globe, anyone with a phone line and broadband internet connection can now attend access the information, coaching and instruction they need to improve their Dressage skills in an up close and personal way never before available.

Our catalog of Dressage Webinars offers live opportunities to participate, recorded versions for those who wish to enjoy the benefit of a session and couldn’t attend the live session, as well as the choice to attend our FREE webinars, presented by various organizations,friends of Dressage. Our support team is here to assist you with your questions and guide you as join your first of many webinars with DressageMeetingOnline to come. We are thrilled to have you join us on this journey into the future of Dressage Education.

See you online soon!


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